The Recent Hack On Myspace Could Be The Biggest Data Breach Of All Time!

9 Aug

Just how safe is your data online? Do you make use of social media? How do you secure your personal information online? MySpace, which was the social media platform of choice before Facebook launched, has recently confirmed that it suffered a major data breach. In fact, according to stats, this could be the biggest data breach of all time. A whopping 360 million user accounts were affected where email addresses and passwords were hacked and put up for sale.

Is the data breach recent? Unfortunately, user data doesn’t disintegrate and that means bad things for MySpace owners as the breach actually took place around June 2013. In fact, this breach blew the 2012 LinkedIn hack out of the water in terms of size. LinkedIn had 117 million user account emails and passwords beached in 2012.

The question MySpace users are asking is: how could this happen? It’s quite simple really! These data breaches took place a few years back where security measures weren’t quite as tight as they are today. In fact, when the breach was analysed it was found that a majority of the passwords used by users were quite easy to crack. It’s not enough for MySpace users to consider this old data breach as a non-threat. In fact, all users of the platform are urged to change their password as a safety measure.

Here’s what you should do if you are a MySpace user:

  • Change your MySpace account password.
  • If you use the same password for other platforms or accounts, make sure that you change those passwords too.
  • Ensure that you change your passwords regularly and if you no longer wish to make use of a social media platform, delete or unsubscribe from the service.

Data breaches and hacks are bound to make you feel nervous about saving and storing personal information online, and you should be! If you’re using social media sites and platforms to store information, images etc, consider other methods such as online backup.

If you wish to save sensitive files and data or important documentation for personal or business use, make sure that you use an online backup service that offers data encryption. Make sure you familiarise yourself with data backup features available at the moment here.

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