SAPS warns of online scams

5 Jun

Recently the Newcastle SAPS thought it necessary to issue a public warning about online scams after noting an increase in the number of incidents where individuals were paying for cars online and never receiving the vehicles. While you might think this is a “no-brainer”, there are some who clearly don’t think the same way.

You should never pay over any money for a vehicle until you have actually seen it, but there are those who are still caught out in this way. And it’s not just the purchase of vehicles where this happens. Many have been caught out paying for items online that they just never receive, ranging from a car to a gift or even an item of clothing. The risk is real and South African’s need to be more careful when transacting online.

Tips issued by the SAPS

In an attempt to help South Africans protect themselves, the SAP have issued a few tips as follows:

  • Be smart to phishing attempts. Know without a doubt that your bank or credit card company will never contact you by telephone or email to ask you to update your personal details. If you are requested to click a link to update details, you are putting yourself at risk. Your personal information can be collected and used for fraudulent activity. Online competitions are also a great way of phishing. If you have to complete forms with your personal particulars in order to win money or an impressive prize, you might become a victim of phishing.
  • Never share or write down your PIN, password or online ID as these can be stolen and used to carry out fraudulent purchases in your name.
  • Do not save your internet banking profile and password details on your computer, and try to avoid doing online banking on any public computers.
  • Make use of the limits on your cards and accounts. This can save you major financial losses should a criminal access your accounts.
  • Only transact with reputable companies online. If you find a product that is too good to be true, it usually is. Be careful.

Newcastle SAPS Corporate Communications Officer, Captain Jabulani Ncube urges all South African’s to be aware of the risks and to take the necessary safety precautions to avoid becoming part of the statistic.

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