Smartphones and Cloud Computing Merge – Take Your Business Mobile…to the Cloud!

9 Jun

The way the world does business is changing and along with it, so is the cyber workplace. The days of carrying a large briefcase heaving with papers, laptop, mobile phone, tablet and other devices are from a bygone era. In this day and age, office space is in less demand while mobile workers are able to conduct their business from almost anywhere, on the road, virtual offices and similar. With businesses taking their functions mobile the need for employees to be able to sync and share data from anywhere is no longer an option – it’s a prerequisite.  The opportunity for cloud computing to sweep the globe is immediate. It’s no longer an eventuality – it is now simply a necessity.

A quick glance at the latest smartphones will have you quickly aware that these devices are geared and ready for cloud computing. In fact the smartphone and cloud computing go hand in hand and there is little doubt that the smartphones of tomorrow are all a business representative will need to make calls, check emails, connect to business networks, share documents and information and so on. Farewell to bulky laptops and tablets – hello to the newest and most advanced age of cloud business communications and computing!

Mobile Clouds

It comes as no big surprise in a poll conducted by CIO Magazine, that CIOs plan to increase their spending on enterprise mobility management by around 52 percent in 2015.  They also plan to assign more of their budget to public cloud (37%), private cloud (42 percent), and SaaS/cloud apps (52%). The tech world is seeing a flurry of activity as market leaders work hard to ensure that devices, data and applications are up and running and ready for what lies ahead.

Of course along with the rewards of mobility and cloud resources comes potential risk. The correct infrastructure and security precautions need to be implemented from the get-go, with the pressure building on IT to secure and connect. Secure encrypted backups should be managed regularly and users will need to ensure that their security suites and systems are always up to date and in full operating order.

Are you planning on taking your business activities and communications to the cloud? Let us know! To learn more about smartphones and their integration to the cloud, get in touch with us at Soteria Cloud today.

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