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2021’s First Quarter Data Leaks Exceed 5-Billion

29 Jun

data leaks

The first quarter of 2021 seems to be off to a good start – for cybercriminals, that is. According to new reports on Hackmageddon, the first few months of the year have been plagued with cyberattacks and data leaks, with February being the worst month of them all. While January had the most cyberattacks, 23 […]

Virgin Active, Latest Victim of a Cyberattack in South Africa

20 May

May brought with it an unhealthy surprise for Virgin Active South Africa, the country’s largest gym chain. A cyberattack on the fitness group carried out by what the company refers to as “sophisticated cybercriminals”, is the most recent attack in South Africa by modern-day hackers. If you were struggling to access your Virgin Active account […]

The Serious Consequences of Bad Data Security Practices

9 Mar

Online shopping and digital payment systems were already on an upward trend before COVID-19. The pandemic only served to catapult businesses into embracing digital business formats ahead of schedule and now, more than a year in, retailers and small business owners are reaching a broader audience through their online services. As we begin to settle […]