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Back to Basics of Backing Up: How to Choose the Right File Sync & Backup

19 May

basics of backing up

2020 saw the whole work-from-home concept flourish. It’s not that people are starting up their own businesses from home, but rather that businesses are realising the value in having home-based and remote workers. Not only does this make for a happier workforce, but it also seems to boost productivity. Of course, with the convenience of […]

Exciting times ahead for Cloud backup in South Africa

6 Mar

As more and more businesses migrate their data and processes to the cloud in South Africa, it’s become blatantly obvious that a new focus has been acquired on the benefits of cloud backup strategies and the type of security that it provides.

Storage Decisions 2015 – What Attendees Learned About Cloud Storage

1 Dec

Storage Decisions 2015 was held in New York just last month. The panel of experts at the conference took the time to answer questions about how today’s data storage industry is affected by storage technologies, vendors and strategies. While the questions directed at the experts revolved around cloud storage, flash spinning disk and even tape […]

Why there is no reason to fear cloud technology

13 Oct

Many Internet users have an unintended fear of using cloud technology, without even realising that they are already making use of it. If you stream or download music from iTunes, work in Google Docs, download Kindle books or similar, you are in fact interacting with the cloud – probably daily! When you consider the cloud […]

Does South Africa Need Cloud Technology to Compete Globally?

22 Sep

Cloud technology, cloud computing systems and even online cloud backups offer the business market a great deal.  While many companies have converted to cloud services, it would appear that there are still some who are unwittingly lagging behind! In 2014 US Deloitte carried out a survey that gathered information from mid-market executives.  The aim of […]

Top Things we Have Learned about Cloud Computing So Far

1 Sep

With Cloud Computing becoming the best way to work, store data and even run systems, it has become vital for our IT departments to learn as much as they can about it, to remain competitive, efficient and move with the times. Cloud Computing has been around for over 10 years now and offers a myriad […]

Smartphones and Cloud Computing Merge – Take Your Business Mobile…to the Cloud!

9 Jun

The way the world does business is changing and along with it, so is the cyber workplace. The days of carrying a large briefcase heaving with papers, laptop, mobile phone, tablet and other devices are from a bygone era. In this day and age, office space is in less demand while mobile workers are able […]

What is the Cloud?

17 Feb

If you have heard talk about “the cloud” and been left under a dark one wondering what it is, it is actually a fairly simple concept to understand. In fact, in all likelihood you might have made use of the cloud without even realising it. Generally speaking, the Cloud is the internet and everything you […]

Cloud Services Top the Charts!

24 Jun

A recent survey carried out in the United States by KPMG has shown that most companies offering cloud services have exceeded their revenue forecasts in this particular area. Why is that? Is it that cloud services are being over charged for? No! Cloud services are just that reliable. Mobile and cloud revenue is said to […]