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How to Choose Cloud Storage

17 Oct

choose cloud storage

How To Choose The Cloud Storage Solution That Suits Your Needs  Choosing the right data storage package can make the difference between a smooth backup process and major headaches caused by data leaks and breaches. Whether you need to choose cloud storage solutions for your family or business, there are a few key factors that […]

Embracing the cloud | Cloud storage solutions

5 Sep

Embracing the cloud

Hybrid workforce enhancing the need for cloud backup services The rapid development of Africa’s overall economy continues to create new business opportunities. With a GDP five times bigger than it was in the year 2000, trends like hybrid working are sparking a new wave of data creation across the continent – and the demand for […]

Laptop Security Tips | Security

29 Aug

laptop security

Keeping your laptop secure   There’s hardly a business in operation that doesn’t own numerous laptops and IOT devices. But what some business owners don’t consider is that mobile productivity devices – and laptops in particular – can be a major cybersecurity vulnerability. If you and your team use company laptops, you need to take […]

Cyber Winter, Mitigating the Risks | Cybersecurity Threats

5 Jul

Priming for a Cybersecurity Winter Extreme weather events are becoming more frequent around the world, particular only to the area in which you live. The latest floods that affected many parts of South Africa are a powerful reminder that it’s essential to be prepared for the unexpected. Another danger that is not dissimilar to the […]

Backup Awareness | Data Backup

27 Jun

backup awareness month

Data Backup Awareness Month June was backup awareness month, and the cybersecurity industry urged internet users around the world to heed its call for heightened vigilance. The warning comes at a time when ransomware and other online attacks continue to threaten privacy and data security. What’s the true state of cybersecurity implementation at companies around […]

Ransomware Attacks | Cloud Backup

28 Feb

ransomware attacks

Why are ransomware attacks so successful? Ransomware has become the number one worry on the minds of IT security experts, and company owners, and it doesn’t show any signs of disappearing. South African companies and individuals have been hit hard by cybercriminals over the past few years. The country ranked eighth in terms of ransomware […]

Data Cloud Threats | Cloud Storage

24 Jan

data cloud threats and storage

2023 data cloud threats hang dark  A record number of organisations are choosing to store their data in the cloud, and the risk of hacking and cybercrime events is likely to keep trending upwards. With South Africa ranking in the top 10 of the most costly countries for data breaches, and the only southern hemisphere […]

2022 Big Tech & Cloud Storage | Tech Trends

17 Jan

big tech and cloud storage trends

The year that was – big tech and cloud storage trends in 2022  The start of a new year is always an exciting time, and as we gear up to meet the challenges of 2023 it’s time to reflect on the tech world and how it changed over the past 12 months. With new technologies […]

Fighting ransomware | Cloud Backup Fundamentals

25 Oct

Cloud backup fundamentals

Cloud backup fundamentals: fighting ransomware with immutable storage It seems like every news report carries a story about a company being targeted by ransomware, with some of the biggest companies in SA being prime targets. In a world where data can be taken hostage, what can business owners do to protect their sensitive information from […]

 Going to war over data | Data leaks

11 Oct

going to war over data

Is your data worth going to war over – data leaks need to be plugged Information has become so valuable in the 21st-century that it’s worth a lot more than oil. In reality, it’s probably as valuable as the water we drink and the air we breathe and could even be worth going to war […]