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Proactive approach to cybercrime | Cybersecurity

22 Aug

take a positive approach to cybersecurity

Cybersecurity: Time to take a proactive approach to Cybercrime Cybercrime is big business, costing its victims a total of $8.44 trillion worldwide in 2022 according to data from Statista. The traditional IT-driven security solutions that have been used as a defence against online crimes no longer make sense at a time when they are so easily […]

The Cybercrime Ecosystem | Cybersecurity

13 Jun

cybercrime ecosystem

Best Defence to Cybercrime is an Attitude Cybersecurity is a high-tech industry, and many business owners assume that it’s the technology which makes or breaks a hacking attempt or cyberattack. In reality, keeping your business safe online has more to do with skills and HR than having the latest detection software. There’s no doubt that […]

Think Like a Cybercriminal | Cybercrime

15 Nov


Detect and protect – Think like a cybercriminal There are more than five billion internet users in the world, and every one of them is a potential target for cybercriminals. With ransomware attacks and other types of cybercrimes increasing by the year, online security vigilance is no longer a nice to have for businesses and families. […]

Combatting Cybercrime | Cybersecurity

27 Sep

Combatting cybercrime

Combating cybercrime by force Cybercrime is becoming a major social scourge in Africa as the rapidly developing continent finds itself in the crosshairs of digital criminals. Until recently, many nations on the continent were caught unawares by cyberattacks but this is set to change thanks to several digital security initiatives in combatting cybercrime are currently underway […]

SA SMES face cyber threats | Cybercrime

26 Jul

Cybercrime: SA companies still at risk Scores of well-known companies across South Africa from ABSA to Dis-Chem, Shoprite to Transnet and many more, have fallen victim to cybercriminals over the past 12 months – yet businesses remain disturbingly unprepared for a cyberattack. We take a look at the latest findings from Kaspersky’s annual cybersecurity survey […]

 SA’s new Cybercrimes act | Cyber Threat

24 May

new cybercrimes act

Navigate the cyber threat landscape with SA’s new Cybercrimes Act A rising wave of cybercrimes has prompted the government to pass sweeping new legislation that’s designed to protect individuals and businesses from the illegal acts of cybercriminals. SA’s Cybercrimes Act, which was recently passed by parliament, gives law enforcement authorities greater powers to investigate online […]

Combat over confidence | Phishing Simulations

18 Jan

phishing simulation

Protecting your business from phishing is non-negotiable in 2022 One of the best ways to check whether your organisation is prepared for an attack is by simulating one, and like every emergency drill it’s essential that your phishing simulations are realistic and truly test your organisation’s readiness. In this article we take a look at the components […]

Big Cybersecurity trends 2022 | Cybercrime

12 Jan

big cybersecurity trends

4 big cybersecurity trends to watch out for in 2022 It’s a new year and a changed world – and in the cybersecurity world that means fresh challenges as we continue to keep our client’s safe in the cloud and keep our clients up to date and aware of all the latest security threats. While we gear […]

Is the latest iPhone iOS update worth your time?

13 May

With iOS 14.5 now available, the question begs to be asked; is the new update really worth your time, and if it is, what exactly has changed or improved? Digital giants are constantly releasing software updates for their devices, some small and relatively insignificant while other updates have a significant impact on the performance of […]

Operation Falcon Cracks Major Phishing Ring – How Phishers Phish

23 Dec

How Phishers phish

A year-long investigation dubbed, Operation Falcon, jointly run by INTERPOL and Group-IB working closely with the Nigeria Police Force, was tasked with identifying and locating cybercrime threats. The task force spent a considerable amount of time trying to deactivate a massive phishing ring that has targeted over 50 000 victims in a major global scam. […]