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New Job Post New Target | Hackers

10 Oct

New Job New Target

LinkedIn Privacy – Don’t Let Your New Job Post be a New Target for Hackers LinkedIn is a fantastic social network for connecting with colleagues and industry associates, but posting about your latest new job on the platform could make you a target for cybercrime. Here’s a brief overview of the current threats on LinkedIn […]

WhatsApp scams Increase | Apps

18 Apr

Watch out for new WhatsApp scams Most people these days use WhatsApp to stay in touch, and work teams frequently communicate with colleagues using the popular app. Unfortunately, cybercriminals keep finding ways of impersonating WhatsApp contacts and that could lead to serious financial losses for unsuspecting victims. We have posted before about the dangers of […]

Adblockers | Cybercriminals

9 Jan


Cybercriminals are Impersonating Brands – Can Adblockers Help? Next time you do a Google search, think twice before you click on the top result. Pop-up ads have been annoying internet users for years, and now they’ve been designed to look exactly like search results. pop-up ads are the newest online pest They’re annoying and potentially […]

Think Like a Cybercriminal | Cybercrime

15 Nov


Detect and protect – Think like a cybercriminal There are more than five billion internet users in the world, and every one of them is a potential target for cybercriminals. With ransomware attacks and other types of cybercrimes increasing by the year, online security vigilance is no longer a nice to have for businesses and families. […]

What is Cybersecurity | Cybersecurity

16 Aug

what is cybersecurity

The Importance of Cybersecurity and Why it Matters Read the news lately? Chances are, one of the first stories you’re likely to read will be about cybersecurity, data leaks, or the latest hacking incident at a major company. The online risks for every business have never been higher, with cybercrime estimated to cost enterprises around […]

SA SMES face cyber threats | Cybercrime

26 Jul

Cybercrime: SA companies still at risk Scores of well-known companies across South Africa from ABSA to Dis-Chem, Shoprite to Transnet and many more, have fallen victim to cybercriminals over the past 12 months – yet businesses remain disturbingly unprepared for a cyberattack. We take a look at the latest findings from Kaspersky’s annual cybersecurity survey […]

Understanding Data Leakages | Data Leaks Part 1

19 Apr

data leak

Understanding Data Leakages – Part 1 Cybercriminals are responsible for a huge amount of data-related crimes every year – but they aren’t the only ones responsible for the loss of sensitive business information. A data leak, which is often the result of employee carelessness or weak IT security policies, can cause crucial information to flow […]

Personal financial scams: how to respond 

15 Mar

personal financial scams

Being a victim of fraud is something we all want to avoid. Here’s how to avoid scammers and what to do when they strike. Fraud is one of the sneakiest types of crime, and if you’ve had the bad luck to be a victim of financial scammers, you’ll know just how upsetting and inconvenient it […]

Weak Passwords Weaken Your Security | Password Security

1 Feb

weak passwords

Why weak passwords weaken your security – stop the blame game When NordPass released its annual list of common passwords for 2021, that old staple of the lazy password maker, 123456, made it to the top of the list once again. If you’re shaking your head in disbelief or chuckling as you read this, take […]

Beware Holiday Shopping Scams | Cybercrime

7 Dec

holiday shopping scams

Better Watch Out – Better Beware… of Holiday Cybercriminal Scams The festive season is here again and it’s almost time to take a well-deserved  break. Unfortunately, cybercriminals never seem to take a day off – and that means we all need to be extra alert to holiday shopping scams in December and January. Before you pack […]