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Cyber Winter, Mitigating the Risks | Cybersecurity Threats

5 Jul

Priming for a Cybersecurity Winter Extreme weather events are becoming more frequent around the world, particular only to the area in which you live. The latest floods that affected many parts of South Africa are a powerful reminder that it’s essential to be prepared for the unexpected. Another danger that is not dissimilar to the […]

ChatGPT, the revolutionary AI Bot | AI Technology

14 Mar

revolutionary AI bot

Is ChatGPT the newest cybersecurity threat?    The hot topic at almost any workplace meeting or social gathering since its release in November 2022 has been ChatGPT, the revolutionary AI bot that can, it seems, write almost anything. For those not yet familiar with this new technology, ChatGPT is fundamentally a chatbot that uses AI to […]

Big Cybersecurity trends 2022 | Cybercrime

12 Jan

big cybersecurity trends

4 big cybersecurity trends to watch out for in 2022 It’s a new year and a changed world – and in the cybersecurity world that means fresh challenges as we continue to keep our client’s safe in the cloud and keep our clients up to date and aware of all the latest security threats. While we gear […]

Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities | Data Threats

5 Oct

cybersecurity vulnerabilities

Does your company have cybersecurity vulnerabilities? As a 21st-century entrepreneur you possibly do a lot of business on the Internet. There’s no doubt it’s a great strategy, but it comes with its own set of risks. From data breaches to ransom ware and your run-of-the-mill viruses, there are a host of dangers out there on the […]

Common Website Concerns | Cybersecurity

17 Aug

common cybersecurity concerns

Common Website Cybersecurity Concerns While you were sleeping … a thief gained access and stole your valuables. A statement many in South Africa are not unaccustomed to hearing. This time however, the thief didn’t gain access through a broken window or smashed lock, they simply logged onto their PC and found a way into your […]

Your A-Z List of Cybersecurity Threats

17 Jun

cybersecurity threats

In today’s modern world of IT and the pace at which it develops you could be forgiven for thinking that you are forced to face a new cybersecurity risk or threat almost daily. Sadly, this isn’t far from the reality. Cybercriminals are developing new cyber strategies just as quickly (or even quicker) than the pros […]