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Data Security | Cloud Backup

9 Jan

Data security to safeguard your information and reputation Data security is an essential part of every company’s risk management strategy, and securing your business information will nett you a lot more than a good night’s sleep:  it will also safeguard your company’s reputation in the marketplace. As we look forward to a prosperous 2024 filled […]

Data Encryption | Data Security

24 Oct

Data Encryption Matters – How Treasury Plans to Get SA off the Grey List National treasury has announced a raft of changes to SA banking legislation, in order to comply with international requirements and remove the country from the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) grey list. In February 2023, FATF placed South Africa on a […]

Cloud Encryption | Cybersecurity

23 Nov

cloud encryption

The how and why of cloud encryption Data encryption is a major part of every effective cybersecurity setup – but what is it, how does it work, and why should you be interested in data storage, and more specifically, how your data is encrypted in the cloud? To answer these questions, we’ve put together a […]

End-to-End Encryption More Essential Than Ever

22 Apr


don’t ever take end-to-end encryption for granted – ever It would seem as if the more we communicate and share information on digital platforms, the more interested governments become in what we have to say (and share). Over 2 billion users on WhatsApp have sent in excess of 100 trillion messages over the last twelve […]

Facebook Data Breach – Is Our Data Protected?

8 Apr

facebook data breach

Is Facebook protecting our data as users? The question begs to be answered; what is Facebook really doing to protect the data of its more than 2,7 billion users? The simple answer is; not a whole lot. The most recent Facebook data breach to threaten the platform in April of 2021, is the third major […]

Still ‘Zooming’ in From Home? Here’s How to Enable Encryption

9 Nov

When the world retreated and people started working from home at the beginning of 2020, data encryption and security were not yet top of mind for everyone. As face-to-face meetings migrated to remote meetings and new remote working software applications became a necessity, ‘Zoom’ was suddenly one of the new buzz words. This still relatively […]

Beware the Cybersecurity Threat of an Inside Job

21 Jan

Insider threat

Cybersecurity experts are often left scratching their heads after a breach or attack on their systems. Sometimes, it just seems as if the hacker knew too much about the sensitive operations of the business…and the reality is that they probably did. The ‘hacker’ could be the very person sharing an office space with you, or […]

Data encryption is so much more than a buzzword

29 Apr

data encryption

Data encryption is something that can be easily overlooked as just another industry buzzword, without any real bearing on our lives. But therein lies the problem. Data encryption is essential to protecting private/vulnerable information from falling into the wrong hands. It’s also used to verify that data comes from the promised source and provides details […]