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Data Fix or Hefty Fines | Data security

12 Sep

data fix or hefty fines

Fix your security or face hefty fines like Dis-Chem: The importance of securing client data In today’s world, customer service goes beyond the traditional requirements of in-store experience and after sales service. Protecting your clients’ data is equally important – and failure to do so could land you in hot water with the authorities. Data […]

FNB App Data Breach | Data Loss

28 Mar


FNB under fire after major data breach on its app Applying for a bond using your bank’s smartphone app is supposed to make life easier, but for some FNB clients the experience turned into a nightmare recently when customer information was accidentally leaked to fellow users from the FNB app. FNB customers started to report […]

 Going to war over data | Data leaks

11 Oct

going to war over data

Is your data worth going to war over – data leaks need to be plugged Information has become so valuable in the 21st-century that it’s worth a lot more than oil. In reality, it’s probably as valuable as the water we drink and the air we breathe and could even be worth going to war […]

Reporting a data breach | Cybercrime

20 Sep

data breach

Do I need to report a data breach? According to the POPI Act, an organisation that gathers personal information about others is required to report any data leak or breach in security in a timely manner. In other words, once you are aware of the data breach you should waste no time in informing the […]

Defend your Data | Cybersecurity

2 Aug

defend your data

Cybersecurity must haves to defend your data If you are a regular reader of our blog, you’ll know that we’ve been  sounding the alarm about the rising tide of cyberattacks targeting SA companies and other institutions. Several large data leaks affecting well-known brands have been dominating the tech headlines since late last year, serving as […]

Ai Aids Conservation | Big Data

12 Jul

AI powers conservation efforts worldwide Saving our planet is the top priority this century and AI is increasingly being used to help organisations around the world achieve their sustainability goals. From preserving endangered species to ensuring adequate food supply in the decades to come, technology is being used in new and creative ways in the […]

Shoprite Data Leak | Data theft

5 Jul

Shoprite the latest victim of data leak crime wave Millions of South Africans trust Shoprite, South Africa’s largest supermarket group, to bring them great deals on groceries and household items. Social media was abuzz in June when the retailer suffered a major data breach exposing personal details of its money transfer clients. The cyberattack carried […]

Zero Trust Principles | Data Security

10 May

zero trust principles

Defining “zero trust principles” There’s an old saying in business: trust but verify. When it comes to the safety of your data, “don’t trust until you verify” may be the safest policy your organisation can pursue. The COVID pandemic instigated a hybrid work environment that required businesses to take a critical look at their cybersecurity […]

Mitigating Data Leaks | Part 2

26 Apr

mitigating data leaks

How to Reduce and Mitigate Data Leaks In the first article about data leakages, we took a deep dive into the causes and consequences that follow when private information from your business gets into the wrong hands. Preventing unauthorised access to privileged information is essential for every company in the digital age. In this article, […]

Understanding Data Leakages | Data Leaks Part 1

19 Apr

data leak

Understanding Data Leakages – Part 1 Cybercriminals are responsible for a huge amount of data-related crimes every year – but they aren’t the only ones responsible for the loss of sensitive business information. A data leak, which is often the result of employee carelessness or weak IT security policies, can cause crucial information to flow […]