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FNB App Data Breach | Data Loss

28 Mar


FNB under fire after major data breach on its app Applying for a bond using your bank’s smartphone app is supposed to make life easier, but for some FNB clients the experience turned into a nightmare recently when customer information was accidentally leaked to fellow users from the FNB app. FNB customers started to report […]

Prevention better than cure | Data Loss  

29 Nov

prevention better than cure

Data loss – Prevention is Cheaper and Better than the Cure When it comes to potential threats that could cost your business thousands, hundreds of thousands, or millions of Rands, “don’t worry about it” may not be the best strategy. Yet that’s exactly what some business owners say about data security. As the South African […]

Shoprite Data Leak | Data theft

5 Jul

Shoprite the latest victim of data leak crime wave Millions of South Africans trust Shoprite, South Africa’s largest supermarket group, to bring them great deals on groceries and household items. Social media was abuzz in June when the retailer suffered a major data breach exposing personal details of its money transfer clients. The cyberattack carried […]

Mitigating Data Leaks | Part 2

26 Apr

mitigating data leaks

How to Reduce and Mitigate Data Leaks In the first article about data leakages, we took a deep dive into the causes and consequences that follow when private information from your business gets into the wrong hands. Preventing unauthorised access to privileged information is essential for every company in the digital age. In this article, […]

How to find lost data | Data recovery

29 Mar

How can lost data be recovered? Have you ever tried to open a file on your computer only to find that it’s corrupted or not there at all? Be it a single file or an entire directory or hard drive, data loss can be a huge inconvenience for any business. Fortunately, there are some ways […]