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Sharing Public Links | Data Security

7 Nov

sharing public links

Data Security: How Safe is it to Share a Public Link? Link sharing is so common that we don’t even think about what we are doing when we copy and paste a link. But thinking twice before sharing public links to an interesting article could help protect you from cybercriminals Here’s why link sharing has […]

Public WiFi Data Privacy

23 Aug

public wifi data privacy

Travellers beware: the dangers of public WiFi and data privacy International travel is rebounding as vaccinated tourists board flights and book accommodation with a vengeance. If you’re joining the wave of post-COVID travellers, chances are you’ll find yourself in an airport, bus station, or public area that offers convenient free WiFi – but you’ll want […]

Back tracking | Smartphones & Privacy

16 Nov

smartphones & privacy

Is your phone ‘back’ tracking you? Billions of people around the world rely on their mobile phones for much more than just communication. In fact, these devices have become inseparable from their owners in every sense – including data privacy. is your smart phone working for you or against you? Backing up your data and […]

Just how much is your personal data worth on the dark web?

16 Mar

personal data

To many, the “dark web” only really exists in chilling movies. The reality, however, is that the dark web exists in our lives, and it can have a dire impact on you and your loved ones if you’re not careful. The thing about falling victim to criminals who lurk on the dark web is that […]

What’s Coming to WhatsApp – New Features and Updates

19 Jan

coming to whats app

What’s coming to WhatsApp in 2021? In October 2020 we gave you a sneak preview of the WhatsApp features and updates planned for users this year. It would seem that many of these updates have since been enabled, and a few more have been added. Let’s take a look. Users can expect a deeper integration […]

5 Data Privacy Tips From Experts

18 Jul

Data privacy tips

Data privacy is not just a hot industry phrase at the moment. It’s been an important topic for many years because when it’s overlooked, it can end up costing a business a lot of money. Protecting sensitive company data can be a challenge for both small and large companies, but it’s not impossible. VM Blog […]