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Sustainable IT | Technology

18 Jul

sustainable IT

Saving Energy on Sustainable IT Sustainability and IT are not always two concepts that go together, but they’re closely connected. The tech industry relies heavily on electricity for data storage and hardware is manufactured using raw materials that must be sustainably sourced to reduce the industry’s carbon footprint. In this article, we’d like to highlight […]

Data and Small Business | Surviving Load Shedding

10 Aug

surviving load shedding

How your business and its data can survive load shedding Blackouts caused by the instability of the national power grid have been causing the business community headaches for over a decade, and when load shedding reaches level six, the risk of permanent data loss increases exponentially. Afrihost server outage disrupts business for over a week […]

Processing Business Data Securely | Data security

14 Jun

Processing Business Data Securely

How to process company information and data securely across your business Whether you are a small start-up or a large corporation, data security is an all-or-nothing business, yet many of us assume that having antivirus software and a standard firewall is more than enough to keep our data safe. If your data security measures don’t […]

Data Strategy | Data Driven Storage

26 Oct

Dump the hard drive – data driven storage for the post-pandemic world The world of business is hugely different than it was pre-pandemic. So why are we still using outdated physical hardware storage rather than using a strategy of data driven storage? With workers and management carrying out tasks remotely there’s an urgent need for […]

What is Data Management?

10 Aug

data management and storage

Data management is the new buzzword on the block for business owners who haven’t realised the importance of it – until now, that is. Organisations are responsible for the data they collect. They need to have valid reasons for collecting it and have the necessary measures to protect themselves from data breaches. To understand data […]