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Are You Up to Date with the Latest Tech Buzzwords?

27 Jul

tech buzzwords

If you’re a business owner wearing many hats and with a lot on your mind, you’re possibly not entirely up to date with the lingo in your IT department. The problem is that risks and threats are on the rise in the business landscape, and it doesn’t really matter if you’re a medium or small […]

Digital Payment Solutions in South Africa

23 Mar

Cash is no longer king, and neither is the average bank card, it seems. Nowadays, consumers want to choose a payment option that suits their preferences. While the world was largely all about serving the vendor or merchant’s financial conveniences in the past, now everything is changing, and the dreams of consumers are coming true! […]

Bridging the gap between what digital technology could and is doing for education

3 Jun

One just has to consider how advanced the rest of the world is in terms of Edtech (educational digital technology) to recognise that Africa has been lagging. International classrooms have seen students using laptops, iPads and tablets for a decade or two already. On top of that, education departments have been making use of various […]