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New Job Post New Target | Hackers

10 Oct

New Job New Target

LinkedIn Privacy – Don’t Let Your New Job Post be a New Target for Hackers LinkedIn is a fantastic social network for connecting with colleagues and industry associates, but posting about your latest new job on the platform could make you a target for cybercrime. Here’s a brief overview of the current threats on LinkedIn […]

Hackers and daring online scams | Cybersecurity

5 Oct

daring online scams

The Most Daring Online Scams  At Soteria we work around the clock to help companies secure their data and prevent cyberattacks, and we will be the first to say that data security is no laughing matter. Except when it is. Hackers may be our sworn enemies, but we have to admit that some of the […]

Security Breach | Hackers

15 Aug

staying ahead of hackers

Staying a step ahead of hackers Cybersecurity is an investment that no business can afford not to make. With ransomware and hacking attempts skyrocketing internationally – especially in South Africa – securing your personal and business data is as important as keeping your physical belongings safe. The law enforcement community has an old saying: to […]

Beware of ChaptGPT False Promises

30 May

ChatGPT False Promises – Is AI a Hacker’s Dream Come True? Artificial intelligence has taken a huge leap forward recently with ChatGPT showing off its ability to write text that resembles human output. Many companies are experimenting with this technology to simplify their business communication processes – and as usual, hackers aren’t far behind. While […]

Discarded Routers – Hacker Opportunity | Router Security

9 May

discarded routers

Discarded routers an opportunity for hackers If you had  to clean out your office storeroom right now, you might just find a few old WiFi routers lying about taking up valuable space.  But before you get rid of these items for good you may want to wipe them completely – before hackers get hold of them […]

 Secure your New Business | Cybersecurity

4 May

secure your new business

Secure your New Business for the Future: Cybersecurity for Entrepreneurs  If you’re thinking of starting a business or growing your SME this year, you’re probably already preparing for a number of challenges. Load shedding, the weak Rand, and inflation are difficult enough, and now there’s one more risk to navigate: increased risk of cyberattacks. More […]

Twitter data breach | Data breach  

13 Dec

twitter data breach

Twitter data breach leaves 5 million users at risk Twitter has revealed that a major data breach in January resulted in more than 5,4 million users’ personal data being lost to hackers. To make matters worse, this information is now being given away on the dark web – potentially putting millions of phone numbers and […]

Protect Yourself from Hackers | TransUnion Hackers

5 Apr

TransUnion data breach

Here’s How to Protect Yourself from TransUnion Hackers (and any other Hackers) Last month, TransUnion (one of the biggest credit bureaus in the world) suffered a hacking attack at its SA subsidiary with a $15 million dollar ransom attached. More than 3 million client records were stolen during the attack and a further 6 million […]

South African Security Breaches | Hackers

28 Sep

security breaches

South African Security Breaches Raise Hackles The latest surge in security breaches during 2021 has raised the hackles of CIOs and business owners who access sensitive data in their organisation, particularly from remote work environments. Hackers have clearly been using the lull caused by COVID-19 to hone and master their hacking skills. most recent security […]