From Ai to the Cloud – Cybersecurity

AI, Cloud and Hybrid Work Trends

2024 is turning out to be a fascinating year for the tech industry as AI becomes mainstream and companies double down on the cloud as a way forward for business process streamlining.

As the year unfolds, forward thinking businesses will be watching the evolving trends and planning their cybersecurity strategies accordingly. Here are some big movements in the tech industry to keep an eye on this year.

AI isn’t going away anytime soon

Since the world was thunderstruck by the launch of ChatGPT in late 2022, the rollout of AI solutions and businesses around the world has only intensified.

Large Language Models, AI assisted internet search offered by sites like Microsoft Bing, and the outsourcing of basic tasks to chatbots have gone from futuristic dream to a new reality.  

In fact, some economists still predict that AI will threaten the future of many jobs.

Developed markets like the US have rolled out AI at a large scale, either replacing or augmenting positions that were previously done exclusively by humans. These changes may only be affecting employees at the entry level for now, but professionals in all industries – including law, medicine, and even executive management – are exploring the possibility that some of their traditional expertise may be carried out by machines in less than a decade.

For companies, there’s an indisputable cost/benefit to using AI and it certainly can improve efficiencies in many areas of a business – but new technology is not without risks.

  • AI applications have been proven to be unreliable in certain areas, including fact checking, with ChatGPT providing hilarious instances of output that seems professionally acceptable at first glance but actually contains several highly problematic facts and phrases.
  • Accuracy aside, the involvement of AI in business processes raises the risk of cybercrime and hacking attempts, which could be potentially disastrous if bad actors take control of an AI-run Business process of a major corporation or bank.

It remains to be seen whether the rollout of AI will bring all the benefits that it promises but there’s no doubt that it’s here to stay. The enormous amount of data that AI applications produce will need to be managed and secured – and that’s where reliable secure cloud storage comes in. 

Hybrid work continues to become the norm 

The remote working trend that accelerated during the pandemic has become a way of life for millions of workers around the world. South African businesses are embracing the remote working model, giving employees flexibility and companies the ability to obtain talent without borders. 

These benefits come with a parallel responsibility for businesses to comply with the Protection of Personal Information Act and keep their sensitive data safe. Secure cloud storage is an ideal way to secure important files and scale up the amount of storage as needed. 

Cloud computing is the future

Companies are producing more data than ever before with a staggering 120 zettabytes created in 2023 alone – and all of this information needs to be stored somewhere. Increasingly, companies are choosing to keep their files safe in the cloud, making it essential to choose the right storage provider.

Recently, an incident in which Google Cloud accidentally deleted every single file belonging to a major Australian pension fund made shocking headlines. This may be a rare incident, but it certainly highlights the potential for disaster that may occur in the wake of a cyberattack.

Not all cloud providers are created equal Before businesses simply upload all their files to a generic online storage location it is essential to ensure that the necessary security protections are in place. Chief among these is immutable storage, which uses advanced coding to ensure the data cannot be manipulated once it’s stored safely in the cloud.

Our range of secure backup solutions feature immutable storage as part of their key architecture. To learn more about our offering and how it can keep your company’s data safe and out of the hands of cybercriminals, browse our range of packages today.