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Authenticator Apps | Mobile App Security

26 Sep

authenticator apps

Secure your mobile accounts with best authenticator apps The days when you could just have one password and keep your data safe are long over. The recent surge in cybercrime means that mobile users need to have more than one type of authentication guarding their files and login details. Two factor authentication (2FA), which relies […]

Mobile Malware | Mobile Security

19 Sep

mobile malware

Are you a victim of mobile malware? Your smartphone gives you access to the world right in the palm of your hand, but if you’re not careful it could also give cybercriminals access to your private information. To avoid becoming a victim of fraud or other online crimes, it’s essential to make sure that no […]

Location Enabled Apps Targeted | App Security

6 Dec

location enabled apps

Drug Traffickers Target Location Enabled Apps Do you know who your employees are ‘talking’ to on their devices, or even who your child is chatting with on their smartphone? Social Media and digital platforms with location enabled apps such as WeChat, EskomSePush and Telegram, which allow users to find others in close proximity to them, […]

Keep ID Info Safe | Personal Data Security

13 Sep

ID security

Stop sending your identity via email or WhatsApp Online scams and cybercrimes carried out using email, WhatsApp and other digital apps continue to affect smartphone users across the world. Despite multiple warnings in the media, including this article on WhatsApp scams published on our blog recently, the number of these incidents continues to rise. As a […]

App Entrepreneurs | Mobile App Development

21 Jun

App Entrepreneurs - future farming

Stellies Student Scoops Agritech App Entrepreneurs Award Tech may not be the first thing that comes to mind when most people think about the agricultural industry, but for one Stellenbosch student they couldn’t be more closely linked. Economics student Lunga Momoza recently received the Stellenbosch Network Entrepreneur of the Month award for his app called […]

Digital Passports | Mobile Apps

21 Sep

digital vaccine passport

Digital Vaccine Passports – Are They a Blessing or a Security Risk? Digital passports: are they the answer to opening up the country again or simply an unsecured backdoor left swinging in the wind? How would a digital vaccine passport affect, your business, and your personal life? These are the questions that need answering if […]

WhatsApp Apps | App Security and Updates

8 Sep

WhatsApp apps

The Low Down on WhatsAppening to WhatsApp Apps Mobile apps have transformed the way we live our lives. From ordering online to keeping tabs on our health, from banking to gaming there’s an app for everything, and communication apps are a big part of the conversation. In fact, can you even remember how you conversed […]

Hackers | Message Mirroring Apps

30 Aug

mirroring apps

Can Hackers use Message Mirroring Apps to Bypass Security? Forty years ago, the world was a safer, and slower place. The internet was still in its infancy, and the need for online security would have featured low on a business’s to-do list. Fast forward to 2021, where online security, data storage and protection are now a […]

Mobile Apps – a threat to our digital privacy

3 Aug

Digital privacy

Some would say that mobile apps pose a serious threat to our digital privacy. And surely anything that represents a threat should be quickly and effectively eradicated, especially when it comes to our privacy? However, the suggestion of a world without Apps is sure to raise more than a few gasps. These nifty bite-sized pieces […]