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Traffic Fine Platform Data Leak Exposes Many

3 Jul

After the 2017 Master Deeds breach exposed the details of some 60 000 local South African’s, you would think that those in control of sensitive data on such a large scale would be more careful. It seems however, that not everyone learned their lesson. If you were outraged to hear just how easy it is […]

I’m selling my computer – How do I wipe the hard drive before I sell it?

21 Nov

We often talk about doing online backups to ensure that you don’t lose files in the event of a computer malfunctioning or going missing, but what if you are choosing to sell your laptop or computer? Many people who are upgrading to a better system will want to make some cash selling their older unit […]

10 Reasons Why You Need Cloud Backup and Online Backup in South Africa

8 Aug

Cloud backup – also known as online backup in South Africa, is essential for your business and we would like to share with you just why it is such an important transition for any organisation! Below is our pick of the top 10 reasons: Increased cyber crime means that no connected device is really safe. […]

6 Reasons to Use an Online Backup Service in South Africa

1 Aug

Just about every document, memory and personal details that we have is in digital format these days. If you have your important data stored to your devices, it is vital that you regularly backup the information. A few years ago it would have been perfectly acceptable to regularly back your data up to removable hard […]

How online backup is better than cloud storage

5 Apr

Many people assume that online backup and cloud storage is the same thing and it’s easy to see why.  It can be a modern dilemma trying to decide which service you actually need, if you aren’t familiar with the differences between the two, and they are significant.  Online storage / cloud storage and online backup […]

Why online and cloud backup is better than an external hard drive

19 Jan

We all know that backing up our important data is vital, especially in the business environment, but with a variety of options available, how do you know which one is the best for you? One of the most popular choices is often between online backups and external hard drive backups. Many people worry that backing […]

Online backups and cloud backup myths

29 Dec

If you spend any time listening to what people think they know about cloud backups and backups in general, you are likely to hear many misconceptions. The fact that you are reading this article and listening to others means that you are, in all likelihood looking for a cloud backup or storage solution.  With all […]

Why secure backup is necessary for remote offices and employees with remote offices

15 Sep

Recent studies involving 1 250 participants have uncovered an intriguing statistic; SA’s economy could be boosted by as much as R17billion by remote offices and employees working in the cloud.  The survey gathered results and responses from industry professionals such as software engineers, doctors, lawyers, accountants and architects. It comes as little surprise that more […]

Why choose Soteria for Online Cloud Backup?

8 Sep

We don’t mean to blow our own trumpet, but Soteria Cloud should be your first and only option when it comes to online cloud back-ups. Why? Well, first and foremost, we use local SA servers and that means that you will enjoy faster connections for your backups. You might think that overseas online backup deals […]

Cloud Backup – Why do I need it?

17 Mar

Cloud Backup is the way forward. We have heard it all too often and still many people resist – until it is too late that is. Too many people think that data loss is something that happens to everyone else – until it happens to them. If you find yourself fobbing off online back up […]