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Default Passwords | Password Security

25 Apr

Don’t default on your commitment to password security What’s the one thing you must do to protect your cybersecurity, even though you hate doing it? If you answered, “creating a password”, you’re dead right. Passwords are an essential barrier against cybercriminals and believe it or not, they’re still extremely effective as long as they’re complex enough […]

Secure your New Financial year | Digital Security

11 Apr

Start the new financial year digitally secure The new financial year is a great opportunity to regroup and strategise for major business success in 2023/24. With a challenging year ahead of thanks to load shedding and the ever-present threat of cyberattacks, companies will need to be extra strategic to safeguard their physical and digital assets […]

LastPass Password Breach | Data breach

31 Jan

Password Breach

LastPass admits to August security breach of customer data A weak password can seriously compromise your online security, but what happens when the online service that’s supposed to keep all your passwords safe in one place becomes the latest victim of cybercrime? LastPass, an innovative tech business that prides itself on giving users peace of […]

Weak Passwords Weaken Your Security | Password Security

1 Feb

weak passwords

Why weak passwords weaken your security – stop the blame game When NordPass released its annual list of common passwords for 2021, that old staple of the lazy password maker, 123456, made it to the top of the list once again. If you’re shaking your head in disbelief or chuckling as you read this, take […]

Have the Right Credentials | Ransomware Attacks

19 Oct

right credentials ransomware attacks

Do you have the right Credentials to evade Ransomware attacks? Ransomware is a particularly nasty type of malware that’s used to hijack your important business data and – like the name says – demand a ransom in exchange for its release. Attacks of this type have been rising in South Africa, with big names like […]

Common Website Concerns | Cybersecurity

17 Aug

common cybersecurity concerns

Common Website Cybersecurity Concerns While you were sleeping … a thief gained access and stole your valuables. A statement many in South Africa are not unaccustomed to hearing. This time however, the thief didn’t gain access through a broken window or smashed lock, they simply logged onto their PC and found a way into your […]

Spotify Users Taken for a Song by Credential Stuffing Op

4 Jan

credential stuffing op on spotify

If you’re a Spotify user and have experienced some disruption with your account access, you may have been taken for a song by credential stuffing op that was recently in full swing. Not too long ago, a research team stumbled across an open Elasticsearch database jam-packed with more than 72GB of data containing over 380 […]

Poor Password Behaviour & Choices Continue to Thwart Security

2 Jul

poor password behaviour

Be honest… how many passwords do you have? The reality is that most people have one password that they use on every device, as well as for all of their online accounts. This isn’t just a risk for your personal information…it’s also causing a massive headache for IT security professionals. For years we have heard […]