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Common Password Mistakes | Password Security

7 Dec

Common Passwords & 6 Common Mistakes People Make A secure password is the first line of defence against cybercrime, yet many of us still use passwords that the average 10-year-old could crack without blinking. If you’re still using classics like 123456 or admin, it’s time to change that password before you become the next victim […]

Sharing Public Links | Data Security

7 Nov

sharing public links

Data Security: How Safe is it to Share a Public Link? Link sharing is so common that we don’t even think about what we are doing when we copy and paste a link. But thinking twice before sharing public links to an interesting article could help protect you from cybercriminals Here’s why link sharing has […]

LastPass Password Breach | Data breach

31 Jan

Password Breach

LastPass admits to August security breach of customer data A weak password can seriously compromise your online security, but what happens when the online service that’s supposed to keep all your passwords safe in one place becomes the latest victim of cybercrime? LastPass, an innovative tech business that prides itself on giving users peace of […]

Website security | Cybersecurity

30 Aug

maintain strong website security

So you’re building a website? Here’s how to keep it safe A website is a fundamental marketing tool for any new business and for companies looking to expand their client base. But, setting up an e-commerce website for your business needs to be done in a way that maximises your online security. Your website is electronically […]

Weak Passwords Weaken Your Security | Password Security

1 Feb

weak passwords

Why weak passwords weaken your security – stop the blame game When NordPass released its annual list of common passwords for 2021, that old staple of the lazy password maker, 123456, made it to the top of the list once again. If you’re shaking your head in disbelief or chuckling as you read this, take […]

Best Password Advice | Passwords

14 Sep

best password advice

Passwords – Then and Now In the ‘good’ old days before the internet became our backyard, ‘passwords’ applied to secret dens at the bottom of the garden. Password advice was only given out to those granted secret access to these dens as part of the gang. Of course, not all passwords in those days related […]

Identifying and Detecting Fraud, Step by Step

26 Jan

online fraud detection

It is an undeniable fact that when it comes to detecting, preventing and investigating fraud and other security incidents, data and evidence are vitally important if accuracy is to be ensured. Something that cannot be denied is that a thorough investigation is required when fraud is suspected. This seems an obvious statement, doesn’t it? But […]

FNB Goes Digitally Virtual with Credit Card

5 Aug

digitally virtrual QR Code

If you are interested in convenience, especially when it comes to finances, October is the month to look forward to. Apparently, that’s when FNB plans to launch its new (and much-awaited) virtual digital credit card. Sounds like quite a mouthful! In reality, the new credit card is designed to offer exceptional convenience, coupled with the […]

Poor Password Behaviour & Choices Continue to Thwart Security

2 Jul

poor password behaviour

Be honest… how many passwords do you have? The reality is that most people have one password that they use on every device, as well as for all of their online accounts. This isn’t just a risk for your personal information…it’s also causing a massive headache for IT security professionals. For years we have heard […]

Traffic Fine Platform Data Leak Exposes Many

3 Jul

After the 2017 Master Deeds breach exposed the details of some 60 000 local South African’s, you would think that those in control of sensitive data on such a large scale would be more careful. It seems however, that not everyone learned their lesson. If you were outraged to hear just how easy it is […]