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Be Prepared for ransomware attacks | Ransomware

20 Dec

prepare for ransomware attacks

‘Tis the season to be careful: Avoiding ransomware attacks over the holidays The festive season is upon us, and with it comes the unfortunate spike in crimes that accompanies the summer holiday season every year. Recently, cybercrimes have joined this trend with the number of ransomware attacks and other data breaches increasing in the December […]

Held to Ransom | Ransomware

8 Nov

held to ransom

Never too small to be held to ransom Ransomware attacks affect businesses of all sizes, and although it’s usually the big names that make it into the media reports an increasing number of SMEs are falling prey to cybercrime and being held to ransom. As a small business owner, online security needs to be one […]

Reporting a data breach | Cybercrime

20 Sep

data breach

Do I need to report a data breach? According to the POPI Act, an organisation that gathers personal information about others is required to report any data leak or breach in security in a timely manner. In other words, once you are aware of the data breach you should waste no time in informing the […]

Defend your Data | Cybersecurity

2 Aug

defend your data

Cybersecurity must haves to defend your data If you are a regular reader of our blog, you’ll know that we’ve been  sounding the alarm about the rising tide of cyberattacks targeting SA companies and other institutions. Several large data leaks affecting well-known brands have been dominating the tech headlines since late last year, serving as […]

Protect Yourself from Hackers | TransUnion Hackers

5 Apr

TransUnion data breach

Here’s How to Protect Yourself from TransUnion Hackers (and any other Hackers) Last month, TransUnion (one of the biggest credit bureaus in the world) suffered a hacking attack at its SA subsidiary with a $15 million dollar ransom attached. More than 3 million client records were stolen during the attack and a further 6 million […]

Financial Services Ransomware Attack | Ransomware

8 Feb

financial services ransomware attack

Ransomware attack hits financial services firm Curo Curo is one of the country’s best-known asset management firms with more than R2 trillion in its overall portfolio. The company was hit by a ransomware attack in early 2022 just as companies were returning from the festive season break, jolting the firm’s management and IT experts into […]

Have the Right Credentials | Ransomware Attacks

19 Oct

right credentials ransomware attacks

Do you have the right Credentials to evade Ransomware attacks? Ransomware is a particularly nasty type of malware that’s used to hijack your important business data and – like the name says – demand a ransom in exchange for its release. Attacks of this type have been rising in South Africa, with big names like […]

Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities | Data Threats

5 Oct

cybersecurity vulnerabilities

Does your company have cybersecurity vulnerabilities? As a 21st-century entrepreneur you possibly do a lot of business on the Internet. There’s no doubt it’s a great strategy, but it comes with its own set of risks. From data breaches to ransom ware and your run-of-the-mill viruses, there are a host of dangers out there on the […]

Your A-Z List of Cybersecurity Threats

17 Jun

cybersecurity threats

In today’s modern world of IT and the pace at which it develops you could be forgiven for thinking that you are forced to face a new cybersecurity risk or threat almost daily. Sadly, this isn’t far from the reality. Cybercriminals are developing new cyber strategies just as quickly (or even quicker) than the pros […]

The Serious Consequences of Bad Data Security Practices

9 Mar

Online shopping and digital payment systems were already on an upward trend before COVID-19. The pandemic only served to catapult businesses into embracing digital business formats ahead of schedule and now, more than a year in, retailers and small business owners are reaching a broader audience through their online services. As we begin to settle […]