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Break Down Remote Barriers with Virtual Ice Breakers

2 Mar

virtual ice breakers

Working in the virtual world can create a distance or disconnectedness between team members creating a need to break down remote barriers with virtual ice breakers. With the outbreak of COVID-19, millions of people have become remote workers and this has presented the challenges of bonding and creating team camaraderie. It’s great to know then […]

How to reduce the risk of cyberattacks with a remote workforce

21 Apr

stay home remote workforce

Mid-April 2020, and people the world over find themselves working remotely from home. No one could have predicted that setting up your business as a remote workforce might be the new norm, until such time as some other kind of normalcy begins. With new norms, come new challenges and what many in-office work forces are […]

Modern work trend of remote workers is a threat to IT security

13 May

Are remote workers bringing your business down? Are they putting your IT security at risk? Recent surveys have proven that a large number of IT security incidents are caused by the negligent actions of remote workers. How do remote workers threaten IT security? They do this by: Using potentially malware-infected devices to connect to the […]