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2024 Big Tech | Technology Trends

21 Nov

big tech trends 2024

Big Tech Trends in 2024 The final quarter of 2023 is well underway and South African businesses are looking forward to 2024 with an eye on the fast-developing tech sector. Let’s take a look at some of the big tech trends on the horizon as we find out what awaits us in the age of […]

Business Backups | Cloud Storage

14 Nov

business backups

Business Backups – Is it Time to Shift from Hard Drives to Cloud Backup External hard drives, USB sticks, and even the occasional writable CD ROM are still being used in offices across the country – even as cloud storage becomes increasingly popular as a means to secure company data. As a business owner, choosing […]

Sharing Public Links | Data Security

7 Nov

sharing public links

Data Security: How Safe is it to Share a Public Link? Link sharing is so common that we don’t even think about what we are doing when we copy and paste a link. But thinking twice before sharing public links to an interesting article could help protect you from cybercriminals Here’s why link sharing has […]

Data Fix or Hefty Fines | Data security

12 Sep

data fix or hefty fines

Fix your security or face hefty fines like Dis-Chem: The importance of securing client data In today’s world, customer service goes beyond the traditional requirements of in-store experience and after sales service. Protecting your clients’ data is equally important – and failure to do so could land you in hot water with the authorities. Data […]

Embracing the cloud | Cloud storage solutions

5 Sep

Embracing the cloud

Hybrid workforce enhancing the need for cloud backup services The rapid development of Africa’s overall economy continues to create new business opportunities. With a GDP five times bigger than it was in the year 2000, trends like hybrid working are sparking a new wave of data creation across the continent – and the demand for […]

Security Breach | Hackers

15 Aug

staying ahead of hackers

Staying a step ahead of hackers Cybersecurity is an investment that no business can afford not to make. With ransomware and hacking attempts skyrocketing internationally – especially in South Africa – securing your personal and business data is as important as keeping your physical belongings safe. The law enforcement community has an old saying: to […]

Risks of data security | cloud security

3 Aug

The 4 main risks of data security in the cloud Secure cloud storage has revolutionised the way organisations store their data. From small businesses moving away from USB sticks and hard drives to embrace the cloud to huge corporations with their own data centres, the safety and reliability of storing data remotely is undeniable – […]

Sustainable IT | Technology

18 Jul

sustainable IT

Saving Energy on Sustainable IT Sustainability and IT are not always two concepts that go together, but they’re closely connected. The tech industry relies heavily on electricity for data storage and hardware is manufactured using raw materials that must be sustainably sourced to reduce the industry’s carbon footprint. In this article, we’d like to highlight […]

More Cybersecurity – False Sense of Security

11 Jul

cybersecurity alert

Is more cybersecurity always better? Investing in security is something that goes without saying for most businesses. When it comes to protecting the company’s online assets, many IT managers are of the opinion that more cyber defences are better. Yet with such a huge investment in multiple security layers, cyberattacks are still on the rise. […]

Backup Awareness | Data Backup

27 Jun

backup awareness month

Data Backup Awareness Month June was backup awareness month, and the cybersecurity industry urged internet users around the world to heed its call for heightened vigilance. The warning comes at a time when ransomware and other online attacks continue to threaten privacy and data security. What’s the true state of cybersecurity implementation at companies around […]