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Digital technology spurs on online business, the age of convenience

29 May

New digital technology can go two ways, either it can take off like a virus thanks to good propagation, development and planning, or it can become redundant due to over-estimation or sloppy development. Good digital technology is realised for what it is and it will, and does – change the way we do things and […]

Are you up to date with the Big Tech Predictions for 2018?

8 May

According to leading digital service providers in South Africa, 2018 is set to see 4 key technologies continue to advance in virtual leaps and bounds. Tech predictions set to lead the way this year are:

Classroom reality – could it be virtual reality?

1 May

If you have ever read a book and wished you could literally immerse yourself into the story, then you have had a taste of what virtual reality can do for the average person. Imagine being able to have a truly personal experience when reading a book, or a studying a subject.

Tech trends that will affect online businesses in South Africa going forward

20 Mar

Embracing digital technology is something that every business needs to consider. New tech trends and the evolution of technology have made many online processes easier, efficient and more accurate, from data capturing to target audience marketing.

Ai’s time is now – all the more reason not to be afraid of it

27 Feb

Artificial intelligence can best be described as magic…that’s how little people really know about it. Yet they fear it. The truth is that AI is not magic. It can’t be seen or touched, but it can be experienced. That’s what makes it the most interesting technological breakthrough in recent years.

Best Christmas Gadget Gifts for your Techie Kids

19 Dec

While Christmas is the time of year for fun, merriment and a little overindulgence, you can still keep things relatively educational for kiddies who love a gadget or few! Gadgets are a great form of educational entertainment for kids, however it’s important to remember that they could be exposing themselves to the internet. This, in […]

5 Tech Gifts to Add To Your Christmas Wish List

12 Dec

It’s hard to believe that it’s here, but here it is – the month of December, and with it comes the most wonderful time of year! A time for relaxation, celebration and most importantly, special time with family and friends.

5 Weird & Wonderful Advancing Technologies? You decide

7 Nov

Technology has been a bit of a mixed bag for us mere humans. In some instances, it has created a convenience by saving us time and money while in other instances, it has been used to wreak havoc and cause distress.

Tech Trends for 2016 worth watching out for!

15 Dec

Smartphones have done it! They’ve made it. They’ve become the face of the future in how we browse the internet, how we make purchases, how we interact with staff members and customers. Let’s face it – the smartphone has made itself invaluable to the business and social world and it’s certainly going to be the […]

Stay ahead of the latest tech trends with these 5 top tools

11 Nov

No one wants to skip a beat…or a beep really, but with latest technology constantly changing and improving, you could!  Things could change in the blink of an eye and you could simply be left behind.  At Soteria Cloud we understand just how nerve wracking that can be.  You’ve just set up your online back-up […]