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Drone Technology | Increasing Security

15 Feb

drone technology

Companies Employ Drone Technology in a Bid to Combat Sabotage Technology is at the frontline of defence against online security breaches – and now companies are using drones to help keep their physical premises safe too. Eskom has turned to drone technology in a bid to prevent further attacks on its electricity infrastructure. This move, […]

Are You Up to Date with the Latest Tech Buzzwords?

27 Jul

tech buzzwords

If you’re a business owner wearing many hats and with a lot on your mind, you’re possibly not entirely up to date with the lingo in your IT department. The problem is that risks and threats are on the rise in the business landscape, and it doesn’t really matter if you’re a medium or small […]

Here’s how the Pandemic Has Changed Technology

20 Jul

pandemic has changed technology

The pandemic has done many things to the world – much of it negative. But out of the darkness and loss, there is some positive change. You can see this change in the software updates and features that show how the pandemic has changed technology. One of the biggest ways the pandemic has changed the […]

7 Technology Revolutions in 2021

30 Mar

technology revolutions

After living through ‘the year that wasn’t’, 2021 has to be the year of great things. Even if COVID-19 is still ravaging the world we have a handle on it now and, thanks to science and technology, we will get the better of it! As it turns out, nothing can stop the advancement of technology […]

10 Technology Trends to Watch in 2021

2 Feb

technology trends

Technology and the online world have taken centre stage throughout 2020 as the Covid-19 pandemic wreaked havoc on businesses and the freedom of movement across the world. More than ever before, the importance of technology and the online community has been realised. With 2021 already in full swing, all eyes are yet again on technology […]

4 Big Tech Giants Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook – The Common Thread

18 Aug

Aside from dominating the market that they are synonymous with, what do Amazon, Facebook, Apple, and Google have in common, and it’s not what you think (IT!)? They are all currently under antitrust scrutiny for a variety of reasons. Something that cannot be overlooked is that while the antitrust concerns have cropped up within each […]

FNB Goes Digitally Virtual with Credit Card

5 Aug

digitally virtrual QR Code

If you are interested in convenience, especially when it comes to finances, October is the month to look forward to. Apparently, that’s when FNB plans to launch its new (and much-awaited) virtual digital credit card. Sounds like quite a mouthful! In reality, the new credit card is designed to offer exceptional convenience, coupled with the […]

AI vs. a pandemic – giving credit where credit is due

21 Jul

AI Corona tracing app

The time has come to both acknowledge and offer up a round of applause to the technological advancements the world has made. Right now, we owe a big thank-you to technology for aiding frontline workers in the fight against COVID-19. If you think about the world, way back in 1918, when the Spanish Flu wiped […]

Here’s how the pros of technology outweigh the cons in the workplace

23 Jun

Technology is constantly changing and evolving and while many companies fear change, preferring rather to stick to the technology that they are familiar with, it’s undoubtedly an unproductive endeavour for the future of the business. Yes, new technology comes with its risks, but if you take the necessary security precautions it can really spur your […]