Which Tech Trends Are SA Companies Most Focused On Right Now?

29 Aug

SA companies are currently developing and working with some of the world’s latest tech trends, but what are they?

In a recent survey held by Dimension Data, large companies with 1 000 employees or more were asked to answer questions pertaining to the technologies most used by the business. The feedback was interesting to say the least.

The Results of the Survey

The majority of survey participants reported that mobility was a top priority for the business – and we aren’t just talking about handing a company cell phone to employees. The tech being implemented and used most is one which supports a more digital type of workplace, making it possible for employees to be far more productive while on the move. Thus the modern employee is truly “mobile”.

Participants – 89% of them, recognised the importance of mobile devices in the work place and deemed them essential to the smooth running of business processes. 27% of participants said that BYOD (bring your own device) and other multiple device ownership models were main focuses in terms of business tech trends being used in house.

Working without mobile devices or digital technology today is unthought-of!

Cloud based businesses can run on the move and be highly productive regardless of where each employee might need to be.

Mobile devices and cloud based platforms can be used to upload, share and even edit documents that are available to a specific network of people. All that is needed is a smart device and an internet connection. Of course each user then needs password protected access.

Cloud Computing

In South Africa, cloud based technologies have become a major focus. Cloud platforms are currently being used for communication tools, for collaboration applications and for business applications. South African business owners are opting for this over traditional on-premises technology due to the convenience and of course the cost saving that cloud applications bring to the table.

It must be noted that not all cloud based applications are made equal. While some offer encrypted data storage and backup, others do not and are therefore unable to meet with organisations’ compliance and security requirements.

South African Businesses Have a Hybrid Approach to The Transition to the Cloud

Right now, South African businesses seem to have adapted a hybrid approach to the transition into cloud business operations. This means that some services are being cloud hosted while others are still following traditional methods. It is only when businesses fully commit to the cloud that they can truly reap the full extent of the rewards. This is no doubt only a “safety blanket” approach to the process of becoming cloud based organisations and once the cloud has proven itself, we will probably see the hybrid approach falling away.

Augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are still very much future technologies in the SA workplace with 78% of responders seeing a practical use for them in 2-3 years only. The evidence would seem overwhelming that BYOD and cloud based applications are the technologies that SA companies most care about currently!

Do you have security concerns about moving your business to the cloud? Let us know what your thoughts are – perhaps we can help!

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