Tech trends that will affect online businesses in South Africa going forward

20 Mar

Embracing digital technology is something that every business needs to consider. New tech trends and the evolution of technology have made many online processes easier, efficient and more accurate, from data capturing to target audience marketing.

With the right technology in place, systems and processes are streamlined and businesses can maintain a competitive edge in their industry.

While consumers are becoming more demanding (and more reliant on the convenience that technology provides), companies that haven’t yet incorporated digital tech into their business and customer service find themselves flailing around trying to keep the attention and loyalty of their client base. Now there’s an attitude of quick demise for companies that haven’t jumped on the digital tech bandwagon.

With digital technologies changing up on a global scale, it has become apparent just how important it is for growing companies to implement effective digital customer experience strategies.

Online tech trends

Business owners who are looking to implement digital customer experience strategies that are highly effective should pay attention to these key trends that are set to greatly affect online business in SA this year, and the years to follow:

  • Cloud based services. Businesses are already using cloud services to share, access and manipulate data and information. These services extend to include online share networks as well as online backups and similar.
  • Omni-channel customer experiences. Customers want to be able to do everything they need across a selection of their devices without a hiccup. They want to order a product online, pay via their smartphone, read reviews on their tablet and even manage their accounts online. It’s important that all forms of communicating and dealing with your customers are seamlessly integrated.
  • Customer support video chat. Customers want to deal with a real person. Live chat has already been well utilised by many companies. Now video chat will become important for those who want to chat to a real person and have a personalised experienced.
  • Social media for engagement. Social media is not a new digital tech, but it is continuously growing, changing and expanding. Industry experts expect social media to remain a top way to engage with consumers and maintain a personal relationship with them.

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