Is there such a thing as Green Friendly technology?

22 Oct

The world and society are changing, and with it, people’s awareness of the importance of “going green” is increasing at a rapid rate. What do you do if you are a tech enthusiast and also committed to doing your bit for the environment? Is there such a thing as green-friendly technology, or are you digging yourself a moral pickle hole if you put technology and eco-conscious in the same sentence?

One of the first things to remember is that the tech you choose, and how you use it can help to reduce your carbon footprint on the planet. In most instances, being aware and changing your behaviour is a step in the right direction.

How to use tech and still reduce your carbon footprint

  • Buy refurbished devices instead of buying new phones, tablets, iPads, laptops and similar.
  • Dispose of and recycle devices correctly.
  • Look into options for working remotely or consider lift-sharing if travelling to and from work regularly.

Greener tech solutions

Of course, there’s always so much more that you can do to reduce your carbon footprint, especially when there is technology that is considered green tech. Here are a few solutions to consider:

  • Charge your phone with solar power – Latest tech advancements have seen solar power banks hit the market. In fact, you can buy one on Takealot. Most leading solar power banks can recharge your smartphone at least four times before it needs to recharge itself in the sun.
  • Eliminate standby mode and incorporate off mode – Are you one of those who takes comfort in knowing that you are conserving electricity by powering your many devices onto standby mode when you aren’t using them? Listen up! While these devices – televisions, Wi-Fi routers, computers, sound systems, DSTV systems – certainly do use less electricity while they are in standby mode, they are still drawing small amounts of power. If you want to keep using tech but don’t want to waste electricity, get into the habit of turning devices off at the plug point.
  • Choose ethically made devices – Many devices contain materials that aren’t considered good for the environment. The use of rare earth minerals is of concern for many people looking to live an ethical lifestyle. By doing some online research, you will see that there are several ethically developed products on the market. One such product is the Fairphone 2, made with care for the planet. While it isn’t readily available yet in South Africa, there are international companies that are willing to ship to South Africa such as Ecosto.

Is Green-Friendly Tech a Real Thing?

You will find a variety of ethically made products, some even made from recycled materials, but the best way to incorporate green-friendly tech in your life comes down to how you decide to use the tech. By changing your relationship with technology, you can live a greener lifestyle without having to give up your favourite devices.

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