Is There a Timeline For AI Takeover and Will Robots Outperform Humans?

25 Jul

Mastercard’s new biometric bank card has the world wondering how much latest tech is going to change our lives. It might seem a bit “space age” to think about AI (artificial intelligence) taking over the world, but some Yale and Oxford University researchers seem to think that this could happen within the next 25 years. Okay, maybe they aren’t saying that they will take over the world, but AI will surely overtake human performance in a vast majority of tasks.

The research team in the spotlight recently released a paper where they confidently predict that AI will completely transcend the following sectors:

  • Transport
  • Health care
  • Science
  • Finance
  • Military

A thought provoking concept!

The researchers advise that the world needs to be well prepared if they are going to adapt to the developments that will undoubtedly begin to infiltrate society! It is predicted that in ten years or less, Artificial Intelligence could be writing a high school essay, driving a truck or even translating languages with speed and efficiency.

In the medical industry, remote ‘cloud-caring’ is already changing the nature of healthcare in remote areas and robots are being tested to handle surgeries in outlying areas; what’s to say that these robotic skills won’t soon be authoring the books and content we read and pretty much doing everything for us?

What does this mean for the working world?

The big question is whether this will be an industry that makes money or detracts from the earning potential of the world’s working class? If the researchers are correct, it could take less than 120 years for computers to be completely automating all human jobs!

Researches have released a timeline of how long it will take robots to be doing what we do, which when considered in context, is rather alarming! AI is expected to outperform humans in the art of:

  • In 10 years: – folding laundry, transcribing speech, translating languages, performing as a telephone banking operator, assembling Lego, reading out loud, writing high school essays and shortly after, even composing top of the charts music hits!
  • In 25 years: – as a retail sales person, bio-pedaling a 5km race in the city and even writing a best-selling book.
  • In 125 years: AI is expected to have achieved all of this, as well as solving math’s problems, carrying out full surgeries, doing AI research and full automation of all human tasks.

Remember the days not so long ago when you watched Sci-Fi movies with disbelief, but now find yourself asking just how unbelievable they really are? Now is the time to take stock of technology and decide just how much it will affect our lives in the future and to question the future of AI within your own industry and life.

Will this takeover of AI provide more scope for data thieves and cyber criminals to take more advantage of people the world over? It’s certainly something to think about.

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