Traffic Fine Platform Data Leak Exposes Many

3 Jul

After the 2017 Master Deeds breach exposed the details of some 60 000 local South African’s, you would think that those in control of sensitive data on such a large scale would be more careful. It seems however, that not everyone learned their lesson.

If you were outraged to hear just how easy it is for data to fall into the wrong hands then, prepare to be even more shocked when you learn about the latest data leak in SA where 934 000 citizens were affected.

The Breach

The data breach originated from an electronic traffic fine platform. The sensitive information, which was stored in a public web folder and then made publicly accessible, was discovered by Troy Hunt who is a security researcher.

If you have ever signed up to a platform that provides traffic fine alerts, chances are high that your data could be included in this leak. Regardless of whether or not you were affected, if you have paid a fine online you should take the time to change your password. The data exposed and made accessible to the public included the following:

  • ID numbers
  • Email addresses
  • Plain text passwords (no encryption!)

Industry professionals say that because the data is publicly available, it could well be a case of negligence when it comes to safety of data. With the new legislation in place and cyber security laws, this could mean serious trouble for the traffic fines data base.

Authorities Have been Notified

Authorities need to be notified when sensitive information is accessed and in this instance the NPA Cybercrime Unit, the Hawks and various other authorities were informed.

What you Can do to Protect Yourself

It always comes a shock when personal and account information is leaked and you find that you are on the list of victims. It is important to be aware of what you share and how you share it. Only make use of reputable online services that have quality security in place. Change your passwords regularly and ensure that you back up and encrypt sensitive information to the cloud.

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