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Kids & Tomorrows Tech | Future Technology

28 Jun

future technology

Here’s how today’s kids see our tomorrow in 50 years’ time Children are the future, but how do you today’s youth envisage the state of the world in the coming decades? A recent survey asked children between the ages of 5 and 11 to make predictions about our planet and society 50 years from now […]

App Entrepreneurs | Mobile App Development

21 Jun

App Entrepreneurs - future farming

Stellies Student Scoops Agritech App Entrepreneurs Award Tech may not be the first thing that comes to mind when most people think about the agricultural industry, but for one Stellenbosch student they couldn’t be more closely linked. Economics student Lunga Momoza recently received the Stellenbosch Network Entrepreneur of the Month award for his app called […]

Processing Business Data Securely | Data security

14 Jun

Processing Business Data Securely

How to process company information and data securely across your business Whether you are a small start-up or a large corporation, data security is an all-or-nothing business, yet many of us assume that having antivirus software and a standard firewall is more than enough to keep our data safe. If your data security measures don’t […]

Self-service IDs | Identity Theft

7 Jun

self-service ids

Self-service IDs and passports: good or bad news? The days of long lines and waiting periods running into months may be a thing of the past at home affairs, following Minister Aaron Motsoaledi’s announcement that the department will open branches in major malls across the country. Home Affairs’ plan includes the introduction of self-service passport […]

Email threat training | Email Cybercrime

31 May

email threat training

Email threat training reduces common threat markets We all receive dozens of emails a day, but could these essential communications be exposing your business to online threats? According to 80% of businesses surveyed by Microsoft earlier this year, the answer is yes. Malicious emails are becoming one of the biggest cybersecurity threats facing businesses around […]

 SA’s new Cybercrimes act | Cyber Threat

24 May

new cybercrimes act

Navigate the cyber threat landscape with SA’s new Cybercrimes Act A rising wave of cybercrimes has prompted the government to pass sweeping new legislation that’s designed to protect individuals and businesses from the illegal acts of cybercriminals. SA’s Cybercrimes Act, which was recently passed by parliament, gives law enforcement authorities greater powers to investigate online […]

Data is your responsibility | data backup

17 May

data is your responsibility

Make data your responsibility 365 days a year Today, productivity is taking place in the cloud more than ever before. In fact, it’s hard to imagine a time when we used to rely on physical storage like hard drives to keep our data safe. Switching to cloud-based apps and online backup for business and personal […]

Zero Trust Principles | Data Security

10 May

zero trust principles

Defining “zero trust principles” There’s an old saying in business: trust but verify. When it comes to the safety of your data, “don’t trust until you verify” may be the safest policy your organisation can pursue. The COVID pandemic instigated a hybrid work environment that required businesses to take a critical look at their cybersecurity […]

The future of work | AI

4 May

future of work

Here’s How AI Will Change the Future of Work AI has already changed the way we shop, collaborate with colleagues, and even line up a Friday night date – and that’s just the beginning. With virtual meetings, hybrid work arrangements, and the Metaverse redefining the way we do business, AI is set to play a […]

Mitigating Data Leaks | Part 2

26 Apr

mitigating data leaks

How to Reduce and Mitigate Data Leaks In the first article about data leakages, we took a deep dive into the causes and consequences that follow when private information from your business gets into the wrong hands. Preventing unauthorised access to privileged information is essential for every company in the digital age. In this article, […]