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Cloud Security Requires Team Effort | Secure Cloud Storage

25 Jan

cloud security team effort

Cloud Security in 2022 Needs to be a Team Effort Secure cloud storage has opened up a whole universe of possibilities for companies and individuals around the world. With data being available from anywhere at any time, the days of being tied to your hard drive and other storage devices seems like a distant memory. […]

Combat over confidence | Phishing Simulations

18 Jan

phishing simulation

Protecting your business from phishing is non-negotiable in 2022 One of the best ways to check whether your organisation is prepared for an attack is by simulating one, and like every emergency drill it’s essential that your phishing simulations are realistic and truly test your organisation’s readiness. In this article we take a look at the components […]

Big Cybersecurity trends 2022 | Cybercrime

12 Jan

big cybersecurity trends

4 big cybersecurity trends to watch out for in 2022 It’s a new year and a changed world – and in the cybersecurity world that means fresh challenges as we continue to keep our client’s safe in the cloud and keep our clients up to date and aware of all the latest security threats. While we gear […]

Future Farming | Driverless Tractors

6 Jan


Smartphones and tractors turning over new earth in self-drive fields The place where one of 2022’s biggest AI innovations is being felt is… a farm? Yes, you read right: self-driving tractors are now a thing – and they’re set to be a very good thing for agriculture around the world, driven by both a labour […]

Future of work | Digital environment

28 Dec

future of work

The future of work is here – and it’s remote Get up. Go to work. Put in your eight hours. Go home. Get up tomorrow and do it again. For many people, this routine was the rhythm of their lives before the pandemic – but it may be gone for good. Over the past decade, […]

Benefits of a functional online backup and restore programme

21 Dec

online backup and restore

A world of data types – and one solution to back them all up Your business uses a lot of different file types – in fact it’s probably impossible to count them all. No matter what category of file you need to back up, a high quality online backup and restore programme will have you covered. […]

End-to-end encryption | Mobile Apps  

14 Dec

end-to-end encryption

How to keep end-to-end encryption on – when it’s ended! Data encryption is essential if you want to make sure that only you and the person you’re chatting with have access to the content of your messages. With an increasing number of leaks emerging from popular messaging apps including WhatsApp in recent months, keeping your […]

Beware Holiday Shopping Scams | Cybercrime

7 Dec

holiday shopping scams

Better Watch Out – Better Beware… of Holiday Cybercriminal Scams The festive season is here again and it’s almost time to take a well-deserved  break. Unfortunately, cybercriminals never seem to take a day off – and that means we all need to be extra alert to holiday shopping scams in December and January. Before you pack […]

Cloud Encryption | Cybersecurity

23 Nov

cloud encryption

The how and why of cloud encryption Data encryption is a major part of every effective cybersecurity setup – but what is it, how does it work, and why should you be interested in data storage, and more specifically, how your data is encrypted in the cloud? To answer these questions, we’ve put together a […]

Back tracking | Smartphones & Privacy

16 Nov

smartphones & privacy

Is your phone ‘back’ tracking you? Billions of people around the world rely on their mobile phones for much more than just communication. In fact, these devices have become inseparable from their owners in every sense – including data privacy. is your smart phone working for you or against you? Backing up your data and […]