Benefits of a functional online backup and restore programme

21 Dec

A world of data types – and one solution to back them all up

Your business uses a lot of different file types – in fact it’s probably impossible to count them all. No matter what category of file you need to back up, a high quality online backup and restore programme will have you covered.

Here are some of the data types you can back up using a system like this:

  • Files
  • Applications
  • Disk images
  • Databases
  • Virtual machines
  • Any other type of data you can think of

backup your data when and how you require

Depending on the amount of data your business creates and how quickly it does so, you may need to back up your sensitive information every week, day, hour, or second.

A good automated backup system will let you select a backup frequency that suits your business to help insure that none of your valuable business information goes missing due to a hardware error or cybercrime attack.

huge files? Seed them on an external HD

One of the main challenges facing the data backup industry in SA is that file sizes are growing rapidly, and internet bandwidth just can’t keep up.

  • If your data connection is too slow to allow for real time backup over the Internet, you’ll need to seed your data.
  • If you’re a Soteria client, this means saving your files to an external hard drive or other storage device and sending them to us by secure courier.
  • Once we receive the device, we transfer your data to the cloud using the same high-security encryption that we applied to data backed up on the Internet.

retention options to suit your company policy

Deciding how long to store your data in the cloud is an important component of every secure backup policy.

A good cloud-based backup solution should offer a range of retention periods, in line with your corporate policy on information storage. This is especially important since the POPI Act was passed earlier this year

The length of time your data will be stored can depend on the number of versions of the same file in the cloud, and retention periods may be applied to single files or entire folders.

high grade encryption

To prevent data breaches, it’s  essential to ensure that your online backup and restore programme uses the best quality encryption possible.

We always recommend military grade encryption technology and upload checks which ensure that the file being backed up reaches the cloud with zero corruption

instant restore for peace of mind

Even in the worst case scenario, lost data shouldn’t remain lost for long.

It’s important that your backed up data can be restored to your computer, a backup server, or a replications server. The ideal restore system will also include backups of all versions of a given file.

how to find an online backup and restore programme?

Not sure where to find such a comprehensive back up system? Look no further

Don’t take unnecessary risks with your company’s data. Our online backup and restore software programme contains cutting edge features that will keep your files safe. Contact us today to learn more.

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