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AI-Based Algorithm from Wits Tracks Chances of a COVID-19 Third Wave in SA

6 May

AI-based algorithim for third wave

As a service provider of online cloud backup, we often focus our attention on topics related to data. In this article, we would like to give a shoutout to a team that has developed an early detection system that helps to predict future cases of COVID-19. Enter the spotlight; our very own Wits University as […]

End-to-End Encryption More Essential Than Ever

22 Apr


don’t ever take end-to-end encryption for granted – ever It would seem as if the more we communicate and share information on digital platforms, the more interested governments become in what we have to say (and share). Over 2 billion users on WhatsApp have sent in excess of 100 trillion messages over the last twelve […]

Facebook Data Breach – Is Our Data Protected?

8 Apr

facebook data breach

Is Facebook protecting our data as users? The question begs to be answered; what is Facebook really doing to protect the data of its more than 2,7 billion users? The simple answer is; not a whole lot. The most recent Facebook data breach to threaten the platform in April of 2021, is the third major […]

7 Technology Revolutions in 2021

30 Mar

technology revolutions

After living through ‘the year that wasn’t’, 2021 has to be the year of great things. Even if COVID-19 is still ravaging the world we have a handle on it now and, thanks to science and technology, we will get the better of it! As it turns out, nothing can stop the advancement of technology […]

Digital Payment Solutions in South Africa

23 Mar

Cash is no longer king, and neither is the average bank card, it seems. Nowadays, consumers want to choose a payment option that suits their preferences. While the world was largely all about serving the vendor or merchant’s financial conveniences in the past, now everything is changing, and the dreams of consumers are coming true! […]

Just how much is your personal data worth on the dark web?

16 Mar

personal data

To many, the “dark web” only really exists in chilling movies. The reality, however, is that the dark web exists in our lives, and it can have a dire impact on you and your loved ones if you’re not careful. The thing about falling victim to criminals who lurk on the dark web is that […]

The Serious Consequences of Bad Data Security Practices

9 Mar

Online shopping and digital payment systems were already on an upward trend before COVID-19. The pandemic only served to catapult businesses into embracing digital business formats ahead of schedule and now, more than a year in, retailers and small business owners are reaching a broader audience through their online services. As we begin to settle […]

Break Down Remote Barriers with Virtual Ice Breakers

2 Mar

virtual ice breakers

Working in the virtual world can create a distance or disconnectedness between team members creating a need to break down remote barriers with virtual ice breakers. With the outbreak of COVID-19, millions of people have become remote workers and this has presented the challenges of bonding and creating team camaraderie. It’s great to know then […]

What’s Up with Turning to Telegram as your Messaging Platform?

23 Feb

turning to telegram

WhatsApp’s new 2021 privacy terms sent millions of users into a tailspin. Some had a deeper understanding of what these new terms meant and didn’t react, while others jumped on the panic bandwagon and considered the alternatives such as turning to Telegram. One of the alternative messaging platforms that have been seeing a flurry of […]

SA Hospital Cybersecurity Upgrades Needed for the Vaccine Roll Out

16 Feb

hospital cybersecurity upgrades

All eyes are on the South African health department as the new COVID-19 vaccine begins to roll out. While slow to get the vaccine approved and distributed, the government seems to have wasted no time in developing the Electronic Vaccine Data System (EVDS). As a result of this, the country needs to be questioning if […]