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25 Jan

Cloud Security in 2022 Needs to be a Team Effort

Secure cloud storage has opened up a whole universe of possibilities for companies and individuals around the world. With data being available from anywhere at any time, the days of being tied to your hard drive and other storage devices seems like a distant memory.

But like everything else, cloud storage isn’t immune to the bad intentions of criminals.

To make use of this innovative technology safely, cloud security should be a team effort, requiring  individuals and companies to work together to enhance their online security in 2022.

Here are some of the big security challenges facing the world and SA this year and some strategies you can implement in your business to make sure you meet the challenge.

cybercrime is a very real threat

As if securing your home and business from physical thieves wasn’t enough, you’ll also need to ensure that your data  is safe this year.

Cybercrime has been with us as long as the internet has existed, but the number and severity of data leaks and successful large-scale hacking attempts have intensified since the pandemic began.

  • Cyberattacks are increasing exponentially around the world, with a number of these events taking place in the first quarter of 2021 alone exceeding the total count for 2019.
  • This trajectory is set to intensify in 2022 as remote working and e-commerce continue to grow in popularity.

South Africans who believe that we are immune to the worst of these attacks may have another thing coming – and that thing may be a data breach.

With several companies and government departments having been hacked over the festive season, the reality is sinking in that cybersecurity is a very real priority for organisations across the country.

keeping an eye on the cloud

As a provider of secure cloud storage, we’re sometimes surprised that some businesses play fast and loose with their online security.

The huge advantages of cloud storage – the biggest one being instant access from anywhere, at any time – can also pose a risk because an authorised user who successfully breaches your cybersecurity barriers can access your data just as quickly as you can.

as threats grow, cloud security requires team effort

Keeping your cloud data safe is a bit like keeping other valuables safe. It’s all about vigilance as a whole. If just one person drops their guard or leaves the safe door open – you all lose.

  • If you have a lot of valuables in your safe, you’ll want to keep that safe absolutely secure and out of the wrong hands.
  • By the same token, the data in your cloud storage needs to be kept absolutely safe, with only authorised users having access to it.

From a business point of view, this means coordination between various departments and working closely with your IT consultant to ensure that a data breach isn’t one of the things you need to worry about this year.

don’t let your crypto get pickpocketed

An especially costly form of cybercrime that uses cloud data breaches is becoming more frequent around the world.

  • Crypto hacking and cyber mining take place when an attacker gains access to your cryptocurrency data and either siphons it off, locks you out of your own crypto account, or uses your crypto mining resources for their own benefit.
  • While some of the perpetrators of these crimes claim they are just skimming off the top, there’s no way that this form of cybercrime can be seen as harmless.

Ensuring that no authorised users gain access to your cloud data has become essential in the age of cryptocurrency, because a single data breach has the potential to clean out a large chunk of your total assets for good.

making data security everyone’s concern

Cybersecurity issues affect everyone in the organisation and beyond, with clients and suppliers sometimes being targeted in a chain attack.

For this reason, it’s important that every employee makes it their business to be cybersecurity savvy and that organisations provide them with the required training so that they can spot the signs of a cyberattack and know what to do in the situation when time is of the essence.

secure cloud storage : the bedrock of your digital security strategy for 2022

Secure cloud storage is the first step towards a fully online and secure business. To learn more about our range of cloud storage solutions, visit our website today.

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