Facebook Data Breach – Is Our Data Protected?

8 Apr

Is Facebook protecting our data as users?

The question begs to be answered; what is Facebook really doing to protect the data of its more than 2,7 billion users? The simple answer is; not a whole lot. The most recent Facebook data breach to threaten the platform in April of 2021, is the third major security scandal to make the headlines (involving Facebook) since 2018. The latest incident makes one wonder what happened to the data, why cybercriminals are so fixated on getting it, and what we can do to prevent our data from being stolen in the future.

what happened in the 2021 facebook data breach?

An estimated 533 million Facebook profiles had their information leaked over the long weekend of the 2nd – 5th of April 2021. Let’s think about that for a minute. Half a billion people in more than 100 countries were left vulnerable and wondering whether their data had been compromised and stolen.  And while we know that millions of people were affected, it’s hard to say precisely who because Facebook’s current social media cybersecurity measures don’t have any feedback function to alert users.

The attack was discovered on an underground website used by cybercriminals who are seeking the data of innocent users online. This is not the first time a cyber leak of such magnitude has occurred on the platform. So, what happened? All eyes are on Facebook to share further information!

why are cybercriminals after our data?

It is a well-known fact that data is extremely valuable in today’s times. It allows companies to tap into their target markets and maximise their profits. It also allows social media platforms to ensure that adverts on their platforms reach the most likely people interested in the product or service advertised.

Facebook has been a little slack recently with its social media cybersecurity measures; thus, the platform has become an excellent opportunity for cybercriminals to tap into our data and sell it for large amounts of money. However, this may be the least of our worries as cybercriminals may also be looking to make attempts at identity theft which is a serious concern for all parties involved.

how to protect yourself online

While cybercriminals spend a vast amount of their time looking for opportunities to steal data, users have to become more vigilant. It’s up to users to ensure that they know how to protect themselves when online. Here are a few tips to help:

1) Minimise the amount of personal information that you post online
2) Create unique passwords for every site you wish to register on
3) Utilise encrypted data backup storage methods
4) Avoid having Unkown users as ‘friends’ on your account

These methods are the best form of defence against this sort of data attack as it ensures that hacking and data theft is minimised and guarantees peace of mind over your cybersecurity.


With cyber-attacks and data breaches on the rise, it is more important than ever to be cautious about sharing data on platforms such as Facebook. It is about time that Facebook steps up to the page and instils a sense of security for its users.

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