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12 Oct

Has Facebook lost control?

Social media is a huge part of our lives and for most of us, Facebook is the platform we go to for news, entertainment and to keep up with everyone we know. This wildly successful social media platform has grown exponentially over the years and is now used by 3 billion people worldwide, or almost half of the world’s population.

With so many people sharing information over the Internet, a number of serious privacy concerns and other issues related to Facebook have surfaced over the past few years. For some tech experts the real question is: should we be using Facebook and is the system out of control?

Facebook executives warned that the system is too big to manage

Recently the media reported that a group of advisers had warned the executives of Facebook that their iconic SM platform has grown to such a size and level of complexity that even the world’s best coders and IT experts are having trouble understanding and managing it.

  • While the company was quick to downplay these fears, a number of Facebook executives are said to have agreed with the experts’ assessment and are looking at ways to make the social sharing network more manageable.
  • These may include splitting the company up so that its sister brands Instagram and WhatsApp become independent entities once again.

is Facebook still a secure place to socialise?

In early October the world was shocked when Facebook and Facebook messenger went down for a full day, causing billions of people to lose touch with their personal and business contacts.

This may be a glitch in the system never to be repeated again, but it certainly exposes Facebook’s vulnerability to data security vulnerabilities and begs the question, is facebook out of control?

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