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4 May

Here’s How AI Will Change the Future of Work

AI has already changed the way we shop, collaborate with colleagues, and even line up a Friday night date – and that’s just the beginning. With virtual meetings, hybrid work arrangements, and the Metaverse redefining the way we do business, AI is set to play a huge role in our professional lives and the future of work from now on. Let’s take a look at some of the changes to expect this year and beyond.

put on those VR glasses, it’s meeting time!

With remote teams collaborating on every continent, AI tools are making those sometimes awkward zoom calls more real and more human.

  • Companies have been experimenting with VR and AR interfaces that will make you forget that you’re not in the same room as your team – and 3D presentations are just the tip of the tech iceberg.
  • This technology can be extended to sales and customer service, allowing team members to reach out to clients remotely and present products, services, and ideas in an immersive virtual showroom or conference venue.

need that order filled? say goodbye to waiting times

Instantaneous customer service and order fulfilment may sound like a dream, but thanks to smart coding, machine learning, and cloud connectivity, entire businesses are being run and monitored in real time to eliminate long waiting periods.

  • Robots that respond immediately to orders and requests from customers are being rolled out in countries around the world, with the entire process taking place in the cloud.
  • For every business looking to grow and stay competitive today, that means having a strong data management system with secure cloud storage and backup.

cloud storage is the future of work and business security

With AI and cloud-based processes becoming universal, now is the time to ensure that your business is ready to operate in the cloud with full security. Our range of cloud storage solutions will help you keep your data safe and encrypted – no matter how much information your business produces today and in the future.

To learn more about our cloud storage offering, contact the Soteria team today.

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