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28 Jun

Here’s how today’s kids see our tomorrow in 50 years’ time

Children are the future, but how do you today’s youth envisage the state of the world in the coming decades?

A recent survey asked children between the ages of 5 and 11 to make predictions about our planet and society 50 years from now – and the results should give all of us plenty of food for thought.

From robot teachers and flying cars to major climate disasters, the world of tomorrow as seen by the kids of today is ripe with opportunity but it will also contain huge challenges never faced by humankind before. Here are some of the top predictions by the young oracles and what they could mean for the future of technology, society, and our way of life.

future technology and the world kids see in 2072

British Telecoms recently asked children in the UK what the world will look like in 10 and 50 years from now.

In the near term, tomorrow’s leaders expect robots to do the housework, self-driving cars to fill the roads, and smart clothing that can detect fevers and illness to become the norm within the decade. future world

On a long time horizon of 50 years, today’s kids expect huge leaps in technological advancement bringing about technology usually seen in sci-fi movies, these include:

  • Living on other planets – 32% thought that humans would take up residence on Mars or other parts of the solar system
  • An end to disease – 29% of respondents predicted that all known illnesses would be curable half a century from now
  • No more rubbish – More than 30% Of British kids believe that recycling will become so efficient as to eliminate trash all together

Turning to the more fanciful sci-fi side of things, kids of today fully expect to fly around using jetpacks and eagerly await the advent of robot teachers and AI instructors.

challenges lie ahead for tomorrow’s leaders

The optimism and sheer cuteness of these youthful predictions doesn’t change the fact that children are worried about the future.

Issues like climate change, another pandemic, and the extinction of animals wait on the minds of up to 50% of the children surveyed.

Taking a look at the future predictions made by today’s kids, most would agree that they’re generally on the money. An increasingly technological world offers huge opportunities for advancement and may give us the tools we need to solve long-standing issues like inequality, economic development, and the climate crisis.

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