Latest Tech! Are South Africans Really Secure In Their Connected Homes?

10 Apr

With smart homes already an integral part of many South African lifestyles, the question regarding security risks begs to be answered. If your home features a smart television, smart fridge, devices, a game station and various other internet connected devices, could your home security be at risk? Quite simply – it certainly could be. In fact, it already is, if you haven’t thought about it until now!

A recent survey carried out in South Africa revealed that the average South African home is actually quite connected, even without an official “smart home” system in place. The survey revealed the following stats when it came to the type of devices found within the average South African home:

  • 85% have smartphones
  • 77% have laptops and notebooks
  • 54% have tablets or similar
  • 32% have smart televisions
  • 24% have gaming consoles
  • 11% have home appliances that connect to the internet

The statistics also uncovered the disturbing truth that only around 50% of those with smart devices could actually say that their connected devices featured the latest security firmware, updates and platforms! When you consider that things such as baby monitors, televisions, and mobile devices can all be hacked while connected, you begin to understand how so many households are leaving themselves open to risk!

What The Results Of The Survey Really Mean

With the Internet of Things (IoT) really shaping the modern lifestyle, these statistics come as no real surprise. What is a surprise is the lack of security invested in by home owners with these devices.

The results highlight just how digital the average person’s personal and professional lifestyle has become. A result of the availability and affordability of the technology, as well as the convenience. Essentially, the results of the survey highlight the fact that while South Africans are progressively adapting to advancing technology and connectivity in the digital age, security is not their number one priority…when it actually should be!

Security Gates & Burglar Guards Are No Longer Enough For The SA Home

With cyber criminals becoming increasingly sophisticated in what they do and especially because they seem to be targeting the Internet of Things, a household device that’s not secured could prove to be more of a risk to a homeowner than it is a convenience.

These days a secure home in SA needs more than just security gates and burglar guards! The systems and networks within the home as well as all connected and smart devices must have full security solutions in place to safeguard both the devices and the home. This should be non-negotiable to the smart home owner.

If you have a “smart” home or have connected appliances and devices in the home, let us know about them and the type of security measures you have in place to secure them. We would love to know!

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