Your Guide to the Best Email Security Practices

13 Jul

best email security practices

Every time you send and receive an email, you’re taking a risk. There’s ransomware, phishing, viruses, and compliance violations to be wary of. From CEOs of big corporations to secretaries who manage client emails all day every day, everyone needs to be aware of the best email security practices to follow to ensure that your emailing […]

How to Avoid these 6 Common Cloud Mistakes

6 Jul

common cloud mistakes

Using the cloud to backup your data can significantly benefit your business. But it also presents the risk of making mistakes that could seriously impact your business’s overall security and efficiency. Here’s how you can avoid some of the most common cloud mistakes. 1. don’t assume your cloud data Is automatically protected Cloud storage alone is […]

2021’s First Quarter Data Leaks Exceed 5-Billion

29 Jun

data leaks

The first quarter of 2021 seems to be off to a good start – for cybercriminals, that is. According to new reports on Hackmageddon, the first few months of the year have been plagued with cyberattacks and data leaks, with February being the worst month of them all. While January had the most cyberattacks, 23 […]

Your A-Z List of Cybersecurity Threats

17 Jun

cybersecurity threats

In today’s modern world of IT and the pace at which it develops you could be forgiven for thinking that you are forced to face a new cybersecurity risk or threat almost daily. Sadly, this isn’t far from the reality. Cybercriminals are developing new cyber strategies just as quickly (or even quicker) than the pros […]

How to create a cloud security policy that is all-inclusive

10 Jun

cloud security policy

The world has gone digital in recent times and those who don’t get on board with a solid cloud security policy will be left behind. The Pandemic spurred the world into home-working, and while it seemed like a limitation at the time, for many – including the digital landscape in South Africa, it’s been a […]

QR Codes – An Influence or a Catastrophe Waiting to Happen?

3 Jun

QR Codes

It’s midway through 2021, and the world has changed exponentially over the past year and a half. We’re bumping elbows, heading off on staycations, and we’ve all stepped up a level or two when it comes to digital technology. In fact, industry pros estimate that global digital transformation has sped up a whopping seven years. […]

5 Key Security Controls for IoT Devices

27 May

Cybersecurity should be at the forefront of every business owner’s mind. How often do you think about the devices connecting to your network and consider that they might put your systems and data at risk? How do you even begin to keep networks safe, especially as it seems that every device nowadays appears to be […]

Virgin Active, Latest Victim of a Cyberattack in South Africa

20 May

May brought with it an unhealthy surprise for Virgin Active South Africa, the country’s largest gym chain. A cyberattack on the fitness group carried out by what the company refers to as “sophisticated cybercriminals”, is the most recent attack in South Africa by modern-day hackers. If you were struggling to access your Virgin Active account […]

Is the latest iPhone iOS update worth your time?

13 May

With iOS 14.5 now available, the question begs to be asked; is the new update really worth your time, and if it is, what exactly has changed or improved? Digital giants are constantly releasing software updates for their devices, some small and relatively insignificant while other updates have a significant impact on the performance of […]

AI-Based Algorithm from Wits Tracks Chances of a COVID-19 Third Wave in SA

6 May

AI-based algorithim for third wave

As a service provider of online cloud backup, we often focus our attention on topics related to data. In this article, we would like to give a shoutout to a team that has developed an early detection system that helps to predict future cases of COVID-19. Enter the spotlight; our very own Wits University as […]