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How to find lost data | Data recovery

29 Mar

How can lost data be recovered? Have you ever tried to open a file on your computer only to find that it’s corrupted or not there at all? Be it a single file or an entire directory or hard drive, data loss can be a huge inconvenience for any business. Fortunately, there are some ways […]

Cloud Storage – Store, Sync & Share Backup

1 Mar

cloud storage and backup

Store, Sync and Share Backup Safely with Cloud Storage Running a modern business means having access to your important company data where and when you need it while still keeping it safe from cybercrime. The headache of relying on physical storage like hard drives and flash drives is over, and cloud storage has become the […]

Drone Technology | Increasing Security

15 Feb

drone technology

Companies Employ Drone Technology in a Bid to Combat Sabotage Technology is at the frontline of defence against online security breaches – and now companies are using drones to help keep their physical premises safe too. Eskom has turned to drone technology in a bid to prevent further attacks on its electricity infrastructure. This move, […]

Cloud Security Requires Team Effort | Secure Cloud Storage

25 Jan

cloud security team effort

Cloud Security in 2022 Needs to be a Team Effort Secure cloud storage has opened up a whole universe of possibilities for companies and individuals around the world. With data being available from anywhere at any time, the days of being tied to your hard drive and other storage devices seems like a distant memory. […]

Future of work | Digital environment

28 Dec

future of work

The future of work is here – and it’s remote Get up. Go to work. Put in your eight hours. Go home. Get up tomorrow and do it again. For many people, this routine was the rhythm of their lives before the pandemic – but it may be gone for good. Over the past decade, […]

Cloud Encryption | Cybersecurity

23 Nov

cloud encryption

The how and why of cloud encryption Data encryption is a major part of every effective cybersecurity setup – but what is it, how does it work, and why should you be interested in data storage, and more specifically, how your data is encrypted in the cloud? To answer these questions, we’ve put together a […]

Back tracking | Smartphones & Privacy

16 Nov

smartphones & privacy

Is your phone ‘back’ tracking you? Billions of people around the world rely on their mobile phones for much more than just communication. In fact, these devices have become inseparable from their owners in every sense – including data privacy. is your smart phone working for you or against you? Backing up your data and […]

Data Strategy | Data Driven Storage

26 Oct

Dump the hard drive – data driven storage for the post-pandemic world The world of business is hugely different than it was pre-pandemic. So why are we still using outdated physical hardware storage rather than using a strategy of data driven storage? With workers and management carrying out tasks remotely there’s an urgent need for […]

How to Avoid these 6 Common Cloud Mistakes

6 Jul

common cloud mistakes

Using the cloud to backup your data can significantly benefit your business. But it also presents the risk of making mistakes that could seriously impact your business’s overall security and efficiency. Here’s how you can avoid some of the most common cloud mistakes. 1. don’t assume your cloud data Is automatically protected Cloud storage alone is […]

Has cloud backup made the 3-2-1 rule redundant?

29 Apr

cloud backup

let’s talk about data protection strategies and their relevance Have you ever wondered if the 3-2-1 rule is still used and if it’s even still relevant today? To determine whether it is still usable, we must first define the rule itself. The 3-2-1 rule states that there should be three copies of every piece of […]