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Zero Trust Principles | Data Security

10 May

zero trust principles

Defining “zero trust principles” There’s an old saying in business: trust but verify. When it comes to the safety of your data, “don’t trust until you verify” may be the safest policy your organisation can pursue. The COVID pandemic instigated a hybrid work environment that required businesses to take a critical look at their cybersecurity […]

Mitigating Data Leaks | Part 2

26 Apr

mitigating data leaks

How to Reduce and Mitigate Data Leaks In the first article about data leakages, we took a deep dive into the causes and consequences that follow when private information from your business gets into the wrong hands. Preventing unauthorised access to privileged information is essential for every company in the digital age. In this article, […]

Understanding Data Leakages | Data Leaks Part 1

19 Apr

data leak

Understanding Data Leakages – Part 1 Cybercriminals are responsible for a huge amount of data-related crimes every year – but they aren’t the only ones responsible for the loss of sensitive business information. A data leak, which is often the result of employee carelessness or weak IT security policies, can cause crucial information to flow […]

Nespresso Data leak | Cybercrime

22 Mar

data leak

It’s a Caffeine hit with Nespresso Data leak Cybersecurity has been in the headlines a lot lately, with South African companies increasingly falling victim to hacking, malware, and data breaches. Two of South Africa’s best loved brands, Absa and Nespresso, recently had their share of cybercrime trouble when the companies suffered large data breaches in […]

2021’s First Quarter Data Leaks Exceed 5-Billion

29 Jun

data leaks

The first quarter of 2021 seems to be off to a good start – for cybercriminals, that is. According to new reports on Hackmageddon, the first few months of the year have been plagued with cyberattacks and data leaks, with February being the worst month of them all. While January had the most cyberattacks, 23 […]

Heads Up: UIF Covid-19 Relief Scheme Website is Hit by a Data Leak

11 Jun

With identity theft and fraud on the rise, no one really wants any of their personal information “out there” in the public eye. Unfortunately, people who have made use of the government’s UIF Temporary Employer-Employee COVID-19 Relief Scheme during Covid-19 times, are now faced with the risk of having their personal details used against them. The […]