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5 Key Security Controls for IoT Devices

27 May

Cybersecurity should be at the forefront of every business owner’s mind. How often do you think about the devices connecting to your network and consider that they might put your systems and data at risk? How do you even begin to keep networks safe, especially as it seems that every device nowadays appears to be […]

Surprisingly Hackable IoT Devices

31 Mar

IoT smart home

If you are currently deeply enfolded in the convenience of connected IoT (Internet of Things) devices in the home, you’re possibly not prone to thinking about considering the risks that they can pose. Just as the IT infrastructure in your office can be hacked, so to can your home IoT devices be attacked by the […]

IoT scores big question mark as World Cup Soccer enthusiasts argue the point of VAR

7 Aug

If you were following the 2018 Soccer World Cup, you would in all likelihood have noticed that sometimes, referees can miss injustices on the field. And while techies all over the world are saying that technology can be used to reduce these oversights, other sports enthusiasts claim that bringing technology into it will destroy the […]