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What’s Up with Turning to Telegram as your Messaging Platform?

23 Feb

turning to telegram

WhatsApp’s new 2021 privacy terms sent millions of users into a tailspin. Some had a deeper understanding of what these new terms meant and didn’t react, while others jumped on the panic bandwagon and considered the alternatives such as turning to Telegram. One of the alternative messaging platforms that have been seeing a flurry of […]

Operation Falcon Cracks Major Phishing Ring – How Phishers Phish

23 Dec

How Phishers phish

A year-long investigation dubbed, Operation Falcon, jointly run by INTERPOL and Group-IB working closely with the Nigeria Police Force, was tasked with identifying and locating cybercrime threats. The task force spent a considerable amount of time trying to deactivate a massive phishing ring that has targeted over 50 000 victims in a major global scam. […]

Heads Up: UIF Covid-19 Relief Scheme Website is Hit by a Data Leak

11 Jun

With identity theft and fraud on the rise, no one really wants any of their personal information “out there” in the public eye. Unfortunately, people who have made use of the government’s UIF Temporary Employer-Employee COVID-19 Relief Scheme during Covid-19 times, are now faced with the risk of having their personal details used against them. The […]