Zero Trust Principles | Data Security

10 May

Defining “zero trust principles”

There’s an old saying in business: trust but verify. When it comes to the safety of your data, “don’t trust until you verify” may be the safest policy your organisation can pursue.

The COVID pandemic instigated a hybrid work environment that required businesses to take a critical look at their cybersecurity policies and practices. Zero trust principles are at the heart of cybersecurity best practices. Let’s take a look at this powerful security methodology and find out how it can make your company data more secure.

Zero trust, zero worries?

At its core, data security is all about keeping information out of the wrong hands. For businesses and other organisations, this means restricting access to networks, files and folders so that only the people with permission to view them can access these resources.

  • To achieve this level of security it’s necessary to screen every potential user before granting them access to the data on your network.
  • Assuming that someone trying to access the file or folder from within your network is a trusted user could be very risky.
  • Hackers who gain access to your network could do untold damage before their presence becomes obvious.

That’s why it’s essential that you grant access to resources on a case by case, user by user basis.

secure your fortress

You wouldn’t allow someone into your business premises or home unless you knew who they were, where they come from, and what the purpose of their visit was.

Applying the same set of conditions to users who want to visit your network and access company resources can significantly lower the possibility of a data breach or hacking attempt and mitigate the risk of a data leak.

Practically speaking, this means setting up your network security so that every request to access files is screened according to several criteria:

  • User credentials
  • Geolocation and IP address
  • Permission to access the specific resource

If you’re ready to apply this strategy on your own network, secure cloud storage could be the missing link in your security chain.

the one thing you can trust: secure cloud storage

A zero trust data policy is an important step in keeping your information safe, and it works even better with encrypted data kept safe in the cloud. Place your trust in secure online backup by browsing our packages for business and home users today.

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